When Was the Last Time You Made a Major Improvement to Your Home?

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Oh my.
According to the map that has been both posted and published, Omaha is right on the edge of the “damaging” and “crippling” forecasted bands of ice for tomorrow.
You fear it could be an interesting couple of days. You are okay with hunkering down at home for a couple of days, you just hope the power stays on. You like heat. In fact, it is pretty high on your priority list.
And as the city braces for what some are calling icemagedon, you find yourself increasingly thankful that you recently replaced the roof on both your home and small business. Working with residential and commercial roof contractors was an interesting process, but you learned a lot about replacement roofs, replacement windows, and the process of making sure that you upgraded the gutters and drain spouts at the same time.
If your neighborhood gets the amount of ice that they are expecting, you are hoping the new residential and commercial roofs help your home and business stay warm.
Are You Preparing to Get Estimates for a Roof Replacement at Your Home or Business?
With more than 50,000 establishments engaged in the installation, roofing, siding, and sheet metal work industries in this country, pricing for these services can be pretty competitive. It is important, however, to make sure that you do not simply just take the lowest bid. A company that does not have a strong reputation in your community, for instance, may offer a lower bid than competitors, but they may not be able to offer the same kind of warranties or guarantees.
Commercial roof contractors can also be a reliable resource for information about what kinds of products work best in different parts of the country. Because as many as 88% of home owners across all regions of the country see the exterior of their homes as one entity and not a sum of its separate components, it should come as no surprise that both residential and commercial roof contractors are often consulted both as installation resources, but information resources as well.
Whether you are looking for a new roofing option on a home or a business, many building owners have similar goals. In fact, as many as 72% of homeowners indicate that they would choose new roofing materials that require little to no maintenance. Some of the newest composite materials, for instance, have a surface that is more wind resistant and more hail resistant. With a new roof that comes with a 50 year warranty, both residential and commercial building owners are willing to make a bigger investment in the products that they select.
Proper Building Maintenance Is a Requirement for Both Residential and Commercial Businesses
Making a commitment to maintaining a building is essential. Homeowners, in fact, indicate that they often spend for 1% to 4% of the home’s value on repairs. It does not make sense to ignore small problems until they become large and expensive issues. And even though the maintenance costs for most buildings increase with the age of the building, it is also important to note that many major improvements also add to the value of a home.
For instance, window replacement has an average return on investment (ROI) of as much as 78.6%. Investing in a new steel front door, on the other hand, can bring a long-term return of 98%. In fact, certain models of steel front doors actually top the HouseLogic’s Cost vs. Value Report on the list of top home improvement projects with the best ROI. A quality insulated door not only adds value to a home it also increases both the energy efficiency and security of a home or business.
Do you have plans to make upgrades to your home or business? A new roof, new windows, new gutters, a new door can all add to the value of your home. And while many of the newest products require a substantial investment, they also come with increasingly longer warranties and offer you a chance to purchase a product that has little or no maintenance. Owning a building, whether it be a home or a business, should be a commitment to regular maintenance tasks.