Why Are So Many Homeowners Renovating Their Bathroom Lately?

Stone kitchen backsplash

Want a more beautiful home but don’t quite feel like the world’s next great interior designer? You don’t have to be. Touching up your home is a capability anyone can have with the right resources and a little bit of technical know-how. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular homeowning projects for a variety of reasons, regularly topping survey after survey looking to judge just what homeowners are looking for in their living spaces. From looking up ceramic tile that looks like wood to buying mosaic tiles for the floor, the bathroom is one space you might just want to bolster in the near future.

Keep It Simple And You’ll Go Far

There’s no need to get ahead of yourself. Simple goals are easier to accomplish, after all, and will stress you out far less than if you have a massive plan that requires a lot of money and time to execute properly. Looking into ceramic tile that looks like wood can prove a neat visual addition to a drab bathroom, while more upbeat backsplash designs could transform your shower overnight. Glass shower enclosures are a preferred option of nearly 80% of homeowners and a Houzz survey saw 60% wanting to remodel their master bathroom.

When It Comes To Color, Less Truly Is More

Not sure where to start with your bathroom’s color schemes? Remember that less is more! This is a statement that holds true in nearly every art occupation, from graphic design to painting, and your home is no exception. Two to three colors is often enough to give your space some style without looking obnoxious or cluttered — since the bathroom is used for everything from washing to styling, softer colors can be more ideal to create a gentle mood. Blue, white, cream, beige and yellow are some of the most popular hues for this type of setting, though choosing ceramic tile that looks like wood might encourage some browns and grays, too.

Don’t Skimp Out On The Basics

Want tiles that’ll last a good, long while? Get the good stuff. Porcelain tiles are fired at an incredibly hot temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a surface that produces the most dense, hard-wearing and stain-resistant results the market knows. A homeowner should shoot for a PEI class of 2 for bathroom walls and floors, while a PEI class 3 is considered sufficient for countertops and areas that see mild foot traffic. When in doubt, go all out!

Minor Issues Don’t Need To Become Big Problems

Missing some tiles along the base of your toilet? Tired of a filthy shower that only seems to look worse every time you use it? Knock it out before it becomes worse. Ceramic tile flooring can be done as a mild replacement or a complete overhaul, creating a bathroom that feels almost brand new in just a single session. Glass tile can be beneficial for your shower area and is particularly popular for its brilliant sheen and easy-to-maintain qualities. Ceramic tile that looks like wood or has swirling designs can add a bit of panache.

Know The First Step You Need To Take

The first thing you’ll want to do before committing to a single project is call a licensed professional and start budgeting. Are you looking for minor replacements? Do you want to overhaul the entire space? How about interior decorating? A little planning now will prevent a mountain of stress later. Even a minor renovation in your bathroom can net you an ROI of at least 80%, so keep in mind that you can save money even as you spend it. Whether it’s investing in decorative subway tiles or looking into glass mosaic tile sheets, you’ll be glad you took the first step.