Why Pool Screens are an Essential Purchase

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Having a pool on your property is the dream of most homeowners. For those of you that do already have a pool, it’s likely that you want to keep it in great condition. In addition, you may find yourself wanting to show off your pool by having a group of people over. Nothing can ruin a pool party faster than the outside world invading your lovely pool area. Many homeowners are choosing to have a pool screen installed to protect their investment. After all, statistics show that a pool can increase the value of a home by up to 7%, it’s wise to keep that value protected. Here are four benefits associated with having a pool screen.

  1. Debris from Mother Nature – Pools are often seen by many as a way to bring the best of the outside world of Mother Nature to their own backyard. Unfortunately, pools without pool screen enclosures often end up being a trash pile, of sorts, for outside elements. Nearly every pool cleaner has struggled with going to take in the view of their pool, only to find it filled with leaves, branches, and other outside elements. A pool screen contractor can easily install a screen that will keep out all of the falling matter that comes from the outside world, leaving your pool looking immaculate.
  2. Bugs that Carry Diseases – If you watch any news, you know that there always seems to be a new disease carrying bug that can be found all over the country. Mosquitoes are commonly known for harboring a number of deadly diseases. A pool is meant to be a source of peace and fun, not to constantly live in fear of bugs showing up to invade your pool. A simple pool renovation of having a screen installed can keep those nasty bugs out of your pool, ensuring every swim is peaceful and free from worry.
  3. Easier Cleaning – The previously mentioned debris and bugs can leave any pool owner wanting to pull their hair out. Constant matter floating on top of a pool’s surface will have the pool owner constantly having to clean their pool. We all have busy lives. No one wants to spend all of their free time skimming their pool to remove bugs and pieces of trees. An installed pool screen protects from outside elements, effectively blocking nuisances from reaching your pristine pool.
  4. Blocking Sunlight – Statistics from a 2014 Spring Landscaping Trends Study done by the Houzz company state that 83% of survey takers said that their backyard was “an ideal entertaining space.” Pools are often used for lavish parties, you don’t want your guests constantly having to block out the sun. Pool screens are great for blocking out the annoyance of bright sunlight. In addition, having the sun blocked from your pool can reduce the risk of sunburns and harmful UV rays touching your skin.

In closing, pools can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from exercising to entertaining guests. Swimming is a popular exercising choice when considering you are moving against water which has 10 times the resistance of air. No matter what activity you plan on using your pool for, one thing is for certain, a pool screen should be an essential purchase associated with having a pool. Falling branches and leaves aren’t just an eyesore, they can also clog up your pool and leave you having to clean that debris out every day. Dangerous bugs can always show up, all across the country, leaving your pool to be a potential breeding ground for disease without a proper pool screen. Having a pool screen installed makes daily cleaning a breeze since all outside threats simply can not get to your pool. Also, the effective sunlight blocking capabilities of a pool screen will ensure that every swim is a relaxing and stress free experience.