How to Avoid Fatal Mistakes Involving Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers are an important thing to have in any home, office building, or other establishment. In the event of a fire, these extinguishers can put out fires quickly, to ensure the safety of people and infrastructure. On a day to day basis, many people seem to overlook the presence of a fire extinguisher. However, during a potentially dangerous situation involving a growing fire, this should be the first thing you reach for. This important tool became common place in the mid 19th century, and has no doubt saved many lives, other potential loss, and protected from damage. It has been revolutionary for fire protection. In homes and restaurants it is likely you will find a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. This is because 57% of fires in restaurants involve cooking equipment. Specifically these fires will mostly involve stove ranges, deep fryers, and other miscellaneous equipment. As a result of these potential dangers in the kitchen, fire extinguishers should always be installed less that 30 feet from a kitchen area.

8,000 kitchen and cooking area related fires are reported annually. It is obvious that fire extinguishers need to be in any establishment, especially one equipped with a kitchen. Having at least one installed per floor is great, but the precautions do not stop there. It is actually very important to have fire extinguisher inspections conducted each year. Fire extinguisher servicing and inspection is a process to ensure that it is operational and in good quality. You do not want to encounter a situation where there is a growing fire, and find that your extinguisher does not work. Making sure that fire extinguisher servicing is done at least once a year can offer peace of mind towards your establishment. Part of fire extinguisher servicing is a process called a fire extinguisher recharge. If you have used your extinguisher recently, a fire extinguisher servicer can refill it to make sure it is usable for any future fires.

For any establishment, restaurant related or not, it is imperative to have a fire extinguisher installed along with annual fire extinguisher servicing. Knowing your business is prepared to handle a dangerous situation offers incredible peace of mind and a sense of safety.