Facts About Termites that Might Surprise You, and Tips to Keep Them Out

pest controlThere is an old saying: your home is your castle. Nobody likes to think about their castle being invaded by a destructive force, but that is exactly what can happen if you’re not careful. Roach and rodent control is important, but termite control is vital to prevent costly structural damage to your house. Termites can be some of the most destructive of all the common household pests. Luckily the more you know, the more prepared you can be to deal with these tiny wood munchers. Here is some info that can help you prevent infestation.

1. Are You Worried?

If you are worried about termites, you are definitely not alone. In fact, when surveyed, 20% of homeowners admitted that their number one concern is termite control. It is a bit surprising that these numbers aren’t higher, given the amount of damage termites can inflict on a home. So if you are among the 80% who aren’t worried about termites then perhaps you should be.

2. What Is the Danger?

Termite control is so important because, quite frankly, termites are terrifying. If left unchecked, termite colonies grow exponentially over a very short amount of time. In fact, the queen of one termite species is able to lay up to 40,000 eggs in one day. Like all creatures, these large colonies require lots of food water to survive. To reduce or remove any potential food or water sources, be sure to repair leaky water pipes, aim lawn sprinklers away from your home’s foundation, store firewood or lumber away from your home, and keep all mulch and soil roughly one foot away from the wood portions of your house.

3. What is the Damage?

It is estimated that 15% of all homes suffer from some sort of structural damage. Damage often comes in the form of spongy wood and mud tubes, narrow tunnels that termites use to travel to and from food. If you see either of these telltale signs, you should contact a pest control service. They can tell you whether or not that damage is due to termites and they can provide you with pest control solutions.

4. What You Should Do

If you do find damage from termites you should contact an exterminator as soon as possible. National estimates of money spent on termite control are as high as two billion dollars annually. To avoid your hard earned cash being spent on serious termite control services, do not waste any time.