Your Home is Only as Comfortable as Your HVAC Unit

Updated 4/25/22.

The HVAC system is like the central nervous system of a home in some ways. It regulates indoor spaces so that they are dry, comfortable, and safe. It is hidden inside the walls and in vents but it is constantly exchanging the air and heating or cooling the environment so that the air is comfortable. Like the central nervous system, we may not always notice the HVAC system when it is working, but we notice immediately when something goes wrong.

Even homes with only partial air conditioning will attest that HVAC failures are uncomfortable. Homes that have a central air conditioner with gas heat that rely on gas heat to keep them warm in the coldest winters and a central air conditioner to make their homes livable during the sweltering summer months will testify that HVAC failures can be dangerous, depending on the circumstances.

If you are worried about failures in your HVAC system, regular maintenance can give you peace of mind. However, if you have an older system that breaks consistently, you might want to ask about HVAC technician for upgrading your HVAC to a new heating and cooling unit. Newer HVAC units are reliable and energy-efficient.

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For many people around the country, the summer months can be very uncomfortable. In fact, some of the dog days of summer can be downright dangerous for people who do not have access to air conditioning systems, whether they are in their homes or at work. Being inside in a temperature controlled environment is becoming absolutely necessary for many people.

A very similar thing can be said about the winter months. Especially in the northernmost parts of the country, temperatures can be deadly cold. The temperatures in North Dakota, Alaska, and other states can dip way down below the freezing mark. If heating systems are not fully functional, things could get very dangerous. It is the summer months, however, that we sometimes take for granted, leaving AC maintenance and AC repairs to be done at the last minute or not at all. HVAC companies that build and install your AC units will most likely offer a maintenance program to keep your HVAC service running smoothly and efficiently when the temperature is at its warmest.

It wasn’t always the case that the majority of homes had air conditioning service. Many homes started out with maybe a window air conditioning unit in a living room or a bedroom, but central air conditioning throughout the entire house was reserved for the richest among us. Then, gradually but suddenly, air conditioning systems from HVAC companies were being installed in many more homes throughout the country. Now, more than two-thirds of homes have air conditioning.

Not only do more homes have air conditioning systems than ever before, these systems are able to run more efficiently, using 50% less energy than the systems of 1990. One of the reasons that the air conditioners of today are running more efficiently is the fact that HVAC companies are doing more regular maintenance calls to take care of routines things that might otherwise drag the efficiency of a unit down. When you make sure that the regular maintenance schedule is adhered to, you can count on a system lasting a good, long time.

For most HVAC systems, the biggest regular maintenance chore that needs to be done is the switching out of the system’s filter. This is something you can have your HVAC dealer explain how to do. It is a very easy process for most systems. Staying cool in the summer is always a top priority.