Four Ways to Use Tile in a Bathroom

Stone tile mosaics

Many homeowners are finding the benefits of using tile for their next renovation. In many cases, the first renovation that gets taken care of is in the bathroom. One study from Houzz found that 60% of homeowners planned on remodeling their bathroom. There are many ways to update the look of a bathroom in a home. Using tile is a great idea to update the look of your rooms. In this post, you will learn four ways to use tile in your bathroom.

  1. Including a Tile Border

    In some cases, you don’t want to completely tile a bathroom. Many homeowners prefer the benefits of adding a tile border. This kind of border will wrap around an entire bathroom. You might want to include a partial border. Using bathroom wall tile creates a perfect accent of color. Border tile is perfect for adding creativity without buying a large amount of bathroom tile. Research shows that bathroom additions offer nearly 86.4% ROI.
  2. Tiling the Shower

    Bathrooms that aren’t tiled may only want to tile a few spaces. A shower is one of the most popular spaces in a bathroom to tile. You can choose glass tile colors that are the same as your bathroom. Other homeowners feel the need to include a different tile color in their shower. Having a different color of tile makes the bathroom pop visually. You will want to ensure that the shower wall tile you use is made to withstand large amounts of water. Research shows that glass shower enclosures are preferred by 79% of people that own a home.
  3. Using Floor Tile

    Many homeowners love the look and feel of a tiled floor. Ceramic tile for a bathroom can be used on either the floors or walls. One of the main advantages of tile is that it can be used for a wide variety of projects. You can choose from a wide variety of tiles for your bathroom. Ceramic tile for a bathroom comes in many different shapes and sizes. Having an idea of what tiles styles you like will help narrow down your selection.
  4. Tiling Your Walls

    One of the most popular renovation ideas is to use tile for walls. Ceramic tile for a bathroom looks great when surrounding wall space. A homeowner can choose from tiles that match the floor. In some cases, a homeowner may choose a tile that varies wildly from other bathroom colors. You’ll want to ensure you don’t go too overboard on tile selection. If mixing colors, ask the staff about recommendations on color matching. These experts will help you find the right shade of tile for your bathroom.

In summary, there are many ways to use tile for your next bathroom project. Adding a tile border is a popular choice for many bathroom renovations. A tile border can wrap around the entire bathroom or a small part of it. Another popular area to tile is the shower. Homeowners usually prefer to include a nice accent color of tile. An accent color is a slightly different shade that still matches the theme of a room. You could use ceramic tile for a bathroom on your floors. Tile is often a preferred bathroom flooring option when compared to hardwood flooring. Many bathrooms have tiled walls. You will want to ensure you choose a tile that is made to absorb condensation.