Design 101 How Remodeling Your Home Can Halve Its Waiting Time On The Market

House staging

How do you go about staging a home for sale in an industry that’s over-saturated with houses and condominiums? Turns out you’ve asked the best question in the bunch. Staging a home for sale isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds, especially when you pair your question with some neat interior decorating ideas and a little know-how on where the winds are blowing. Your home needs to be less of an option and more of a showstopper. Something that people can’t forget about no matter how hard they try! The piece below will walk you through the simple home staging tips you’ve been dying to know.

How’s the real estate industry faring? In fact, you don’t even need to stop there. What about the furniture industry? The floor coverings industry? With so much work put into maintaining and designing the average home, it really pays to have your finger in every pie. It’s estimated that, by the time 2019 rolls around, the global market for both furniture and floor coverings will hit an astonishing $695 billion. Compare this to just a few years prior, where the record high was $100 billion. Now that’s growth!

Why is furniture one of the most appealing parts of the process? It could have something to do with our psychology. Furniture is a surefire way of expressing ourselves both outside the home and inside, allowing us to modify our spaces to the most minute details of our personality. Studies have shown furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will buy, right after a home and a car. But what kind of furniture attracts people’s eye and how does this help you go about staging a home for sale?

Let studies light the way! A recent survey provided by HomeGoods found that nearly 10% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in more than 10 years. Another 45%, to boot, haven’t updated in five years. This isn’t for lack of trying, either — a major factor in this is simply being too busy to get around to hiring an interior decorator. Sofas are an incredibly popular option for home decor ideas, both for their longevity and flexibility around the home. You also can’t go wrong with a nice living room set or bathroom remodel.

Now there’s the magic word. Remodeling is also a resource you can check out when you’ve already checked off interior designers and social media study off your to-do list. A minor kitchen remodel has been found to have an average ROI of nearly 83%. That’s as simple as replacing some missing tiles or adding a new cabinet! A common consensus among homeowners is that furniture should also be long-lasting, exceeding 20 years or more. Keeping these little things in mind will give your home the best possible chance of being sold.

We’re not done yet. What else can make your house the most appealing one on the market? Turns out some illuminating research conducted by Exeter University discovered that employees that work in spaces decorated with either art or plants were nearly 20% more productive than those who worked in more sparse work spaces. As you can imagine, this translates quite well to the home — this is great for people who either work remotely or who spend a lot of time inside.

Staging a home for sale involves combining little bits of knowledge into a greater whole…just like a good house! It’s estimated homeowners spend around $5,000 on an interior decorator or outside furnishings designer. When you connect the dots to the exponential growth in multiple home-related industries, it stands to reason a comfortable set-up is the name of the game. The average staged home spends just under a month on the market. Compare this to homes without staging, which spent over 100 days on average.

When you stage a home you put your best foot forward. Now go out and remodel, design or touch up with confidence!