Four Common Pool Issues a Cleaning Service Will Fix

Costly pool repair

Having a swimming pool is one of the best parts of being a homeowner. One study finds that 21.23 million homes have a swimming pool. A swimming pool is like having your own private vacation in your backyard. Over time, every pool requires the help of a pool cleaning service. A pool cleaning company can have your pool ready to use in a fast and efficient manner. Trying to diagnose pool problems on your own may prove to be a stressful experience. In this post, you will learn about four common pool issues.

  1. Odd Stains Appearing on Pool

    It’s common for a pool owner to be unaware of stains until they have been there for a while. Stains that reside in the corners of a pool can become very hard to see. Having guests point out stains in your pool can feel slightly embarrassing. Pool cleaning services will work to ensure those stains are removed from your pool. A pool cleaning worker will decide if your pool needs cleaning or a full resurfacing.
  2. Pool Water is Green

    A pool maintenance company often deals with green colored water in pools. You might feel like something is majorly wrong with your pool when the water changes color. Fortunately, it is most likely algae that have started to collect in the water. Swimming pool services commonly deal with the issue of an excess of algae forming. One helpful tip is to clean your pool once per week during peak swimming months. Weekly cleanings help to ensure algae is removed before it has the chance to build up.
  3. Objects Appear on Surface of Water

    Nothing ruins a pool day faster than grungy water. You don’t want guests to feel that they are diving into a pool of mystery water. Pool cleaning services will work to remove any particles from your pool. In some cases, a simple change of pool filters might be all you need. It can be difficult to assess the status of what minerals are present in a pool without seeing it.
  4. Cloudy Pool Water

    Having pool water that isn’t clear is commonly associated with unbalanced pH levels. A pool cleaning service has the right equipment and tools to test for pH. Having tests performed on your pool helps pool cleaning workers to implement the proper solution. Many experts in the pool cleaning industry state that you will only need to spend about $25-40 per month on chemical supplies. Purchasing too many chemicals at the store can lead to a chemical reaction. It’s best to let a pool cleaning service let you know which chemicals you need to purchase.

In summary, there are several problems that can happen to any pool. Over time, it’s common for odd stains to appear in a pool. A pool cleaning surface commonly deals with this form of staining. You might find that the water color of your pool changes. Seeing green pool water is commonly associated with the presence of excess algae. Objects appearing on a pool’s surface is a problem a pool cleaning service can take care of. Pool water that isn’t clear is often associated with a pH imbalance. Many homeowners are seeking out a pool cleaning service to take the guess work out of pool ownership.