The 3 Basic Carpet Types and Why Everyone SHould Choose Carpet For Their Bedroom

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Did you know that 44% of homeowners preferred bedroom flooring it carpet? The feeling of soft fabric on your feet is perfect for such a comfort-oriented room. That might not be the only reason to choose carpet though. Studies have shown that carpets reduce allergies. In fact, the reduction of carpet usage by 70% in Sweden led to a 30% increase in allergic reactions in the general public.

So, what type of carpeting should you choose?

  1. Shag pile carpeting is a great way to express your inner 70’s. If you dig the long, messy fibers of shag pile, you would love your bedroom floor. One thing to be aware of is how hard they are to clean.
  2. For a more durable carpet, loop fiber carpets are the way to go. Each individual stand of fabric is a loop that goes back to the bottom of the carpet. Though durable, these can be slightly rougher to the touch. These are perfect for finished basements, but if you are looking for a bedroom floor, look at another kind of carpet instead.
  3. Cut fiber carpets are among the softest on the market depending on the type of fabric. Look into plush options for the softest surface to put your feet. Microfiber carpets are made the same way as cut carpets, except the strands of the yarn are very small. This allows your foot to feel more of the fabric due to the increased surface area. Maximum softness!

Whichever carpet you choose, you will most likely want to seek out carpet installation and other carpeting services. Perhaps the most important step in installing a carpet is using the right padding underneath.

Cut microfiber carpets are only as comfortable as the padding underneath, so try to get something thick. Look at padding options and see which feels the best to you.

In a time when only 20% of homeowners feel happy with their home decor, it is important to have a comfortable home. You deserve to be happy with your surroundings, especially in your bedroom. Get rid of that awful laminate flooring and chilly ceramic tile and schedule a carpet installation for the sake of your feet.