Do I Need to Call a Plumber?

Clogged drain

You have a clogged drain, or your toilet won?t flush. You wonder if it might be time for a septic tank cleaning, or some kind of plumbing repair. How do you know if you need to call a plumbing service for that leak, clog, or other issue? Here?s are a couple reasons you might:

  1. You Haven?t Had Your Septic Tank Serviced in a While: It might be time to call in a plumber if you?ve gone several years without an inspection. The average septic tank needs an inspection every three years and needs to be pumped every three to five years. How often you?ll need septic disposal depends on your tank size, the number of people using it, and several other factors.
  2. You?ve Got Some Minor Leaks: You might think that minor leaks are just something to be put up with, but they could be costing you a lot more than you think. Estimates are that about 10% of homes in America are wasting more than 90 gallons a day due to minor leaks, and correcting simple problems can potentially save you 10% on water bills. Having plumping repairs in to check out and fix all the leaks at once is cost efficient and could also save you big money down the line by preventing more serious issues from developing.
  3. You Have A Clog That Isn?t Easily Cleared: Before calling a plumbing company, try filling the sink or tub partly with water and plugging the overflow hole or second drain if there is one. Plunge the drain several times, pull off, then repeat. If this clears the pipe, great! If not, it?s time to call a plumbing service before a slow drain becomes a serious issue.
  4. You Wonder if the Bathroom is Haunted: If water is pooling in odd places,, if you run your sink but notice that toilet water is bubbling as you do, or if you?ve got strange smells or gurgling sounds in the drains after running a washer or dishwasher, there?s likely a clog in there somewhere. It?s probably a good idea to call a plumbing service.

Most home plumbing issues are best solved quickly before they become serious, which can really disrupt life and even cost you money.