Five Tips for Using Bark Dust in your Yard

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Bark dust is one of the most common landscaping items used, especially in public areas. You will often find bark dust in residential gardening, playgrounds, and city yards. It is extremely easy to lie and lasts for a long time, with minimal upkeep. If you are considering using barkdust in your exterior project, keep these tips in mind.

Measure the area you need to cover
It is best to first measure the area that you need to cover. You don?t want to run out of bark dust or end up with an area that is not properly covered with bark blowing. Generally speaking, for landscaping applications, a layer of two or three inches of bark dust is recommended. However, if you need additional insulation, such as on a school playground, you will likely want an additional layer of bark dust. Measuring the space first will allow you to complete the installation in one day, instead of having to wait for additional bark dust to come in.

Choose a bark dust that matches the colors of the area
One of the goals of landscaping is to improve the aesthetics of the area. Fortunately, bark dust comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Research the available options and choose the one that goes best with the area you are placing it in. According to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscaping Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard. Color and material will help a homeowner achieve that nicer looking yard.

Create an installation plan
Although installing bark dust is a relatively simple project, there are a few available methods to choose from. It is important to choose the right method to ensure the bark dust is properly distributed among the outdoor area. You also don?t want to get excess bark dust onto surrounding areas, like the lawn or walkways. A bark blower is similar to a snow blower and it allows you to complete bark dust blowing. With barkdust blowing, you can dump all of your bark dust into a single pile and then blow it evenly atop the grounds.

Remember that upkeep is important
Bark dust does not require a lot of upkeep or maintenance, which is why a lot of people choose it. It does, however, require some upkeep. Make sure you are keeping an eye on your bark dust. If it begins to break down or there appears to be less of it, you might need to add more. Fortunately, it is very affordable and you can easily blow a new bag of bark dust over it occasionally. If you have a professional landscaping company, it is likely that they will keep the bark dust area up.

Replace bark dust when needed
You will also have to eventually replace your bark dust. Over time, the bark dust provides less insulation and it is best to start over. It is recommended to apply new bark dust every two to four years, depending on the type of bark and how well you maintain it. If you continue to maintain it, you can likely prolong the replacement until the end of the span. Always keep an eye on your bark dust and know when it is time to replace it.

Bark dust is a common landscaping material that is often used to provide insulation and to improve the look of an outdoor area. The process of installing it is simple, but it still needs to be occasionally maintained. Additionally, it is important to know when to replace your bark dust, so that you are getting optimal use out of it.