The Benefits of LED Lighting

Corn light

Lighting is, of course, a crucial part of our day to day lives. We need lights in our home, in our cars, and on our street. Parking garage lighting is another important type of lighting, making it possible to find our cars easily and navigate the garage without fear of getting lost or hit by another car. Parking garages are often so crowded that parking garage lighting is more than a necessity – it’s lifesaving. Without parking garage lighting, the amount of accidents in a parking garage would be likely to skyrocket. In fact, lighting in public spaces can be hugely important to maintaining safety. In many places, it is required by law that parking garage lighting be operational at all times, twenty four hours a day. The same is true for many types of lighting, including street lamps in certain high traffic places. Roadway lighting is also crucial and helps to protect people from motor vehicle accidents.

Lighting makes up a large percentage of energy use in the United States, accounting for 22% of all electricity generated. In residential homes, it makes up around 11% of energy used. The percentage for commercial buildings is a little higher – around 20%. Fortunately, there are ways we can reduce the amount of energy used for lighting simply by switching the standard fluorescent bulb for LED low bay lighting fixtures. While a fluorescent bulb has been shown to last around 20,000 hours, an LED lighting fixture more than doubles that life span and typically lasts close to 50,000 hours. LED parking garage lighting, for example, would provide more light as well. Studies have shown that LED bulbs emit over 80% more light than their halogen counterparts and also reduce energy usage by 15%.

There are many practical uses for LED low bay lighting fixtures as well as LED high bay lighting fixtures. Because of its high light emissions as well as longevity and ability to save energy, LED light fixtures have many potential homes. For example, LED warehouse lighting fixtures would be immensely useful, especially in huge warehouses where goods stored there need to be found quickly and efficiently. LED roadway lighting would also be hugely useful, providing better visibility to cars and other motor vehicles both and night and in inclement weather.

No matter what your use for LED lighting, be in commercial or residential, there are many benefits to switching to LED from halogen or fluorescent. It can save you energy as well as provide better visibility and therefore, safety.