The Importance Of Renovations In The American Home

Vinyl flooring

Choosing to embark on home renovations can be an exciting and daunting process, from replacing kitchen countertops to installing laminate flooring. Something as simple as new kitchen countertops replacing the old countertops can help to brighten a home, make it feel newer and more open. Home renovations can also be a great way to prepare a home to be placed on the market, as additions like hardwood floors can raise the overall market value of the house by a considerable margin.

Kitchen renovations in particular can raise the overall value of a home, and even a minor kitchen renovation like refurbishing kitchen countertops or replacing fixtures like the sink can have a return investment of over 80%, if not more than that. When it comes to replacing kitchen countertops, many consumers and homeowners are choosing natural stone materials for their new countertops (of which the average home in the United States has approximately 25 feet of). Quartz is a particularly popular option for new kitchen countertops because of it’s highly pleasing aesthetics in hand with its durability – it can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit before showing signs of damage. In fact, quartz has become so popular as a material for kitchen countertops that it surpassed granite in popularity almost four years ago, in 2014.

Kitchens are not the only way to renovate a house to increase its overall value, however. For instance, replacing flooring can be another way to improve the quality of a home. Take laminate flooring. When it is well cared for, it can last for nearly two decades (around fifteen years on average – if not more). Vinyl flooring is also a viable option when renovating your home, as vinyl floors are considered to be extremely durable and long lasting as well. Vinyl flooring was invented nearly a century ago now, and its popularity has stood the test of time and speaks for its quality. However, hardwood flooring is another durable option, and one of the most popular. In fact, nearly 100% of prospective home owners are looking to buy a home with hardwood or tile floors in the kitchen, if not throughout the house. Surveys have shown that more than half of all home buyers will pay more for a home that has hardwood floors – though around half of these home buyers also said that they preferred carpet flooring in the bedrooms.

Bathrooms are another area of the home that are commonly renovated. Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear, and can begin to look dingy and old even when they are properly cared for and thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately, bathroom renovations tend to be relatively simple as far as renovations go, and usually involve the removal and replacement of typical bathroom fixtures such as the sink, the toilet, and the shower or bath tub (if not both). The vast majority of prospective home owners are willing to embark on bathroom renovations after they purchase a home, and so bathroom renovations tend not to take priority among those renovating their homes before putting them on the market.

Home renovations can be done for many reasons, whether it is simply done to enjoy your home at its full potential or you’re renovating because you are preparing to sell and you are looking to get the highest possible price when you finally put your house on the market. No matter what the reason, however, home renovations can encompass a number of different projects, from replacing or refurbishing kitchen countertops to a natural stone material like quartz or granite to replacing kitchen flooring with long lasting and wear resistant laminate or vinyl flooring. It’s important to consider what you want out of the renovation that you choose to do, and choose how you renovate accordingly. From kitchen redesign to simply making an old bathroom feel new again with new and updated appliances, there is the right renovation out there for everyone and every budget.