Thinking Of Remodeling Your Home? Your Basement Isn’t A Bad Place To Start


When does your house need a touch-up? Just ask how you feel every time you come back home from work.

If you’re less-than-enthused to kick up your feet after a hard day, it’s more than a little possible your personal castle is lacking in a few areas. Sometimes it’s your interior design affecting your mood, either too drab or too out-of-date to inspire any emotion other than apathy. Other times you have a leaky faucet that’s driving you crazy but you just haven’t gotten around to. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your abode but want a project that will just keep providing benefits, remodeling services aren’t a bad place to start. They’ll completely change the way you look at your home while offering some major enjoyment.

Let’s count the ways.

Did You Know?

What are most homeowners looking for in their renovation projects of late? A recent survey found a rather surprising 35% of all remodeling jobs involving not just the kitchen or the bathroom, but the entire house from top to bottom. Another study found nearly two-thirds of homeowners admitting they actively plan on renovating soon. There are many emotional and financial benefits to renovating your home. This can include sprucing up your interior design to relax your mood and help you sleep right alongside installing a new toilet in your bathroom and bolstering your ROI.

Bathroom Remodeling Can Net You A Solid ROI

You use the bathroom to bathe, brush your teeth and fix up your hair. When it feels cramped and ugly? You can start to dread visiting this very mundane area of the home. According to a survey provided by the National Association Of Home Builders, bathroom remodels are the most requested home improvement job in the United States. How many, you ask? As many as 80% of all renovations. Not only can installing a new cabinet or backsplash shower design make your bathroom feel more homely, you can enjoy a better ROI when you decide to sell. Bathroom additions offer an average ROI of 85%.

Basement Remodeling Can Give You A New Place To Entertain

Basement remodeling is in a league all its own. This is due to the basement being able to achieve all sorts of unique functions depending on your preferences. You can use it to simply store your old furniture and childhood memorabilia or transform it into a brand new entertainment center for gaming or movie nights. The average basement remodel, just like a bathroom or kitchen renovation, can also net you a 70% ROI. Another benefit of keeping your basement remodeling projects more well-maintained is also reducing the potential for flood.

Kitchen Remodeling Can Improve Your Mood

Kitchen remodeling contractors can make your kitchen feel brand new again. While bathroom remodels are easily the most requested renovation job to date, kitchens follow very close behind. It’s estimated 75% of homeowners will change the style of their kitchen during a renovation, with some jobs as simple as replacing broken tiles and others as complex as installing a new kitchen island. There are plenty of beautiful styles to choose from, too, and a classic makeover can do wonders for improving your mood every time you come back home. When you need help with your home additions, contractors are right around the corner.

Getting Help With Renovations

While a do-it-yourself project can be both fun and rewarding, anything more intensive than a tile replacement or new wine rack should be done with the aid of a professional. This is a good way of making sure you don’t get your basement remodeling measurements wrong and end up with a problem much larger than you anticipated. A HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study saw over 85% of homeowners enlisting the aid of a professional back in 2016, even if it was just for a simple consultation on which style to choose for their kitchen. Renovations can be done in as little as a few days, transforming your home from the inside out.

Feel good no matter the day of the week and give your house a makeover in 2018. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.