4 Signs You Need to Call in a Plumber ASAP

There are many signs that show you might need a plumber. Often, if you’re thinking that you’re in need of some plumbing expertise, you’re probably not wrong. Strange sounds, slow drains, and other issues might signal the need to bring in a plumber. Sure, sometimes you can pour some chemicals down the drain and it will eat through the hair clogging your drain, but it’s probably a temporary fix to a permanent problem.

A plumber is a professional who knows the ins and outs of plumbing. That means they are your best bet for issues like slow drains, backed up toilets, and other unfortunate (and at times gross!) issues. If you think you might need a plumber, pay attention to any of these warning signs. If they sound familiar, you might want to get on the phone ASAP.

1. Gurgling noises

It’s never really a good thing when you hear gurgling noises in your stomach, and the same goes for your home’s plumbing. Gurgling noises can signal a clogged drain, and water is trying to escape but cannot because of hair and other icky things that might be causing it to clog. If you need help, call in a plumber and he or she will be able to get things working smoothly again, sans gurgling.

2. Your hear water in all the wrong places

Meaning, you’re hearing water in your pipes. If you hear water when no one is using the toilet, that might signal a pretty serious problem (a leak!). A way to tell is you have a leak is to check your water meter to see if it’s still spinning when no one is using water. If that’s the case, you’re going to have to call in the big dogs to help you out with your plumbing problems.

3. Your water pressure is low

Trying to take a shower but notice that your water flow isn’t as powerful as it once was? That could signal a pretty serious issue. You might have some plumbing problems if either your shower or toilet seems to be suffering from low water pressure. Toilets should flush just fine, but if they’re kind of “stalling” and not getting your toilet paper down, then you might be in need of a plumber.

4. It smells like rotten eggs

When all else fails and you cannot see any of these signs but feel like something is just a bit “off,” you might be able to smell it. The smell of sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs, can signal that there are some serious plumbing issues in your home. If there’s an odd smell, don’t ignore it—go ahead and call in a plumber.

Plumbers are great professionals who can help keep your home working great! Just like you might call in other professionals for help with your heating and cooling system, HVAC maintenance, or air condition repair, and plumber can help keep your and your family feeling comfortable at home. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!