Looking to Add Value to Your Bathroom? Try These 3 Tips

There are times where we definitely feel like some aspect of our home needs to be given a little “oomph.” This is especially true when we want to sell our home and ass value to the rooms to be bale to raise the price. If you’re thinking about changing up some aspect of your home in order to add value for a sale, then you might want to think about changing up your bathroom. Home improvement can be fun and exciting if you plan it out right and have the right help!

You might be wondering why a bathroom would add any value to your home at all. Shouldn’t you think about redoing a bedroom or the kitchen, which are typically bigger spaces that people focus more on? The answer is actually no! Smaller spaces can add a ton of value when redone properly, and the same goes for a bathroom. In fact, the number and size of bathrooms can really change the value of a property and the decision of a potential home buyer way more than you think.

Here are some pro tips for adding value to your bathroom!

1. Go with a quartz countertop

If you’re looking for a way to create a sleek and chic look for your bathroom without breaking the bank, you might want to think about ditching your current counter tops for a quartz variety! A quartz countertop looks clean, minimal, and very luxurious, which can instantly make the value of the property go up and also sway a potential home buyer to seal the deal. A large, sleek countertop in the bathroom can also be a great place for someone to place their makeup and vanity items on top of. A quartz countertop can make a world of a difference!

2. Think about lighting

Lighting is another element that can really change the look and feel of a bathroom. Great lighting can help someone put their makeup on better, and can also help create an air of luxury. Look for interesting pieces that help illuminate your bathroom well and provide a nice glow. Harsh, fluorescent, or “yellowish” lighting can give off dirty vibes and decrease the value of your bathroom design.

3. Go with lighter colors

If your bathroom is small, it might be smart to go with a lighter color like white, pale blues and greys, or cream colored walls. This helps more light bounce off and create a more spacious look. It also helps with the clean, chic, and minimal feel of your bathroom.

Do you have any more pro home renovation and remodeling tips for increasing the value of your home before selling it? Share them with us in the comments below!