6 Ways to Make Better Use of Your Under Sink Space

That space underneath the sink is often left unused or neglected. It’s sometimes seen as a dank place that you don’t really want to go into, and no one is interested in even opening those particular cabinet latches, let alone putting in Rev a Shelf under sink storage or some kind of drawer slides. But this is valuable kitchen cabinet space that shouldn’t go to waste, especially when cabinets alone are about half of the average kitchen remodel cost. There are some amazing things you can do to utilize this overlooked space.

  • Don’t do anything else until you’ve gotten your plumbing fixed. Leaky plumbing keeps your under sink area damp and moldy. Not only will you never want to go under the sink or keep anything there when the pipes aren’t perfect, but this is also a health hazard. More than that, it detracts from the overall value of your home. So get in a plumber, replace leaky pipes, and get your under sink space clean and dry to start out.
  • Consider replacing this one cabinet. Cabinets can be expensive and perhaps you’re not ready to do an entire kitchen model. If that’s the case, you should at least consider having a cabinet under the sink redone if you’ve had mold issues there in the past. Just by making sure that this particular cabinet space is clean and dry and ready for you to put in Rev a Shelf under sink storage or some other kind of solution, you’ve improved your kitchen and raised the value of your home.
  • Think outside the box. A lot of people use their under sink storage as a place to keep the trashcan, the dirty dish towels, or all the cleaning supplies. If you invest in a nice covered trash bin that can sit outside on the kitchen floor, you’re going to create a lot less mess as you throw away garbage and other kitchen trash. You also won’t avoid going under there because you don’t like the smell. If you like putting kitchen rags and towels under the sink, consider installing a small washing machine under the kitchen sink. That way you can get started cleaning those towels after every major kitchen cooking project.
  • Install Rev a Shelf under sink storage. There are a number of different Rev a Shelf under sink storage solutions available, and one of the most popular is the cleaning caddy that allows you to store all your cleaning products and paper towel rolls in an easy-to-access way. The Rev a Shelf under sink storage cleaning caddy is better than just putting in your own baskets because it’s specially designed to go around the typical plumbing under the sink. In particular, the Rev a Shelf under sink storage lets you take full advantage of the vertical space in this sometimes oddly-shaped cabinet. You simply pull out your Rev a Shelf under sink storage caddy and remove the items you want, or you can even take the entire thing with you as you go around the kitchen cleaning.
  • Don’t forget the back of the cabinet door. There are quite a number of different basket solutions that can hang on the back of your cabinet doors and still allow the cabinet doors to close properly. These can be a great way to free up a bit of extra space for storing those little things that you want to be able to reach, like kitchen sponges, but which you don’t want to have out all the time or dig for in the cabinet.
  • Consider drawers instead of a cabinet. Another thing you can try is having the cabinet removed entirely and replaced with some drawers. With the right full-extension drawer slides, these can be a great way of accessing all of your stuff without losing any space.

There are many other things you can do to make good use of this space that’s often overlooked and sometimes considered ugly, from adding decorative knobs and pulls to giving it a touch of milk paint to make it look more attractive. Whatever you do, get to it. Don’t let that space go to waste for another day.