Eight Creative Ways to Use Glass Shelves

What could you do with a set of custom glass shelves? If you’re just putting books on your shelves, then you’re not really taking full advantage of everything that your floating glass shelves or even a frosted glass cabinet can do for you. Depending on what you want to do with your shelves, custom glass shelves can be designed for nearly any space or any purpose. Here are eight things to do with glass shelves that you might not have thought about.

Highlight a Wall Space

If you have an otherwise boring wall, such as that white tile wall in your bathroom, you can spruce things up a bit and add a pop of color by putting in wallpaper or textured fabric over one small part. Framing this and putting custom glass shelves over it highlights the area without giving it too much visual weight.

Grow a Vegetable Garden

A lot of people are interested in putting in potted vegetables or herbs in the kitchen. One of the drawbacks to this is that the pots themselves, with all that green coming out of them, tend to look heavy and make the kitchen seem smaller. This is especially true if you try to put them on the counter. If you install a tinted glass shelf, you can put these potted plants up off the countertop, giving you space. The glass shelf will keep the look light and airy and will not interfere with light coming in from the window.

Pair With Metal For Elegance

Few things give a more elegant look than the pairing of glass and metal. You could get frosted glass cabinets made with wood, and while these are nice they do have some visual weight. If you want a space to look lighter and yet still sophisticated, pair some light glass with a dark metal frame. If you’re looking to use a lighter colored metal, try using tinted glass panels for your custom glass shelves.

Make a Space Seem Huge

Are you having trouble because your space is too small? Does your bathroom feel claustrophobic? Instead of putting in tile everywhere, make one wall entirely mirror. In order to avoid losing this valuable space for storage, custom glass shelves will let you continue to put important items where you can still access them while not interfering with the way the mirror itself increases the feeling of having extra space.

Mix Up Your Shelving

Everyone has a set of shelves where each shelf is precisely the same width, depth, and height stacked on top of one another. Move away from the boring and do something interesting by creating custom glass shelves with diverse shapes. Stagger the placement of the shelves and you can use this new and interesting piece for holding books in some places and curios or plants in others.

Simple Displays

If you have an otherwise nicely textured space, such as a wooden TV wall or a brick wall over the fireplace, a single glass shelf can be a great place to display one decorative item without interfering with this texture. In fact, it can even draw attention to the texture of that one wall or space, especially if you put in some accent lighting to highlight whatever you display on your shelf.

Make Everything Look Clean

If your kitchen or your bathroom tends to look cluttered, you can give the entire room a cleaner look by removing the existing cabinetry and putting in glass shelves with an opaque glass sliding door. The opaque glass door will blur and hide the items inside so things don’t look cluttered. At the same time, the glass shelving and doors can make the space seem lighter and cleaner.

Light Up the Room

If you need more light overworking area, such as a desk, not only will floating glass shelves placed above the desk allow light from above to shine down, but you can even design custom glass shelves with LED strip lighting that will add extra brightness to your working space.

There so many things that you can do glass. Don’t be satisfied with just around glass side table or the typical coffee table. Find unique ways of using glass shelves to bring brightness and lightness to your space.