Taking a Closer Look At The Importance Of Residential Radon Testing In The United States

Radon provides a huge risk here in the United States, though it is a risk that far too people are aware of. Because of this, residential radon testing is likely to be recommended and a good idea for the vast majority of households all throughout the country. After all, it has been found that an astounding one home out of every fifteen homes has a level of radon that exceeds the action levels for safe levels of radon that have been set by the Environmental Protection Agency (also known as the EPA).

To understand the importance of residential radon testing services, we must also understand the threat that radon poses to us when it sits in our homes at concentrated levels. For instance and perhaps most importantly and critically of all when we discuss the risk factors of radon exposure, it has been definitively found that radon exposure can lead to lung cancer. In fact, as many as twenty thousand people die because of lung cancer that has been caused directly from radon exposure each and every year here in the United States.

And lung cancer caused by radon is second only in numbers to lung cancer that has been caused by smoking, as has been identified by the Surgeon General of the United States. As any residential radon testing company can tell you, your risk for developing lung cancer rises by as much as sixteen percent for each and every one hundred bq/m of radon that is found in your home. And because people can’t identify the presence of radon without the use of residential radon testing and radon mitigation services, it’s difficult to fully understand the level of risk it is that you are living with. Hiring a residential radon testing and inspection service can certainly be helpful.

But how exactly does radon inspection work? Radon testing can be effectively done in a few different ways. Short term radon detectors can be used for residential radon testing, and these detectors can be used for as little as two days or even for as long as ninety full days. After ninety days have passed, however, a long term radon detector will need to be put into use. If radon is detected in your home, methods of radon mitigation can begin. While this might seem frightening, even passive methods of mitigation have been shown to have an impact.

The thought of high levels of radon in your home can certainly be a jarring thing, especially when you realize just how common it actually is throughout the country. But residential radon testing services can help to keep you safe.