Taking A Look At How to Keep Your Home Efficient And Save

From your clothes dryer to your air conditioning system, it’s really important to keep on top of the basic maintenance of this home. Some of this maintenance you will be able to do all on your own, while other parts will need to rely more heavily on professional cleaning services. However, no matter how things end up getting done it’s mainly just important to get them done – and get them done well. Without taking the time to care for the upkeep of your home, it’s more likely than not that you will run into problems with it at some point in your time as a home owner. These problems are likely to necessitate even bigger repairs and professional interventions than the simply regular servicing would have ultimately amounted to.

Take, for example, your clothes dryer. Clothes dryers are a luxury of modern life and while some people do not have dryers directly in their homes, more and more people do. However, the clothes drying is not something that should be taken for granted in any way, shape, or form. After all, your clothes dryer does quite a bit of work and it is only natural that it must be professionally serviced and provided with maintenance every once in a while – hopefully on a regularly scheduled basis. The lint that accumulates in your dryer is what really poses a threat if your dryer is not cleaned on a regular basis. This is because, contrary to popular belief, the lint dryer screens in the dryers only catch about twenty five percent of that lint and the rest is left in the dryer itself. If you leave that lint stuck to the walls of the dryer vent where it inevitably ends up, you risk a severe fire hazard. In fact, nearly thirty five percent of all fires that originate from clothes dryers originate from the fact that the lint has not been thoroughly cleaned off of them. Fortunately, this can be avoided through the use of professional dryer vent cleaning services, as the professionals will know where to look for the remaining lint that has not been caught by the dryer vent as well as know how to most effectively and efficiently get it off.

Of course, other parts of your home are important to service as well. Take, for example, the air ducts tied to your HVAC system. Air duct cleaning is important on a regular basis for a number of reasons. For one, air duct cleaning will help to keep your HVAC system functioning efficiently and in the way that it should be. If you don’t go through the process of air duct cleaning at least once every five years (though preferably more frequently, such as every three years) it is all too likely that your heating and cooling system will lose a great deal of its efficiency. This is because without air duct cleaning, common air pollutants get pulled into your HVAC system vents and will stay there, where they recirculate and not only pollute and contaminate the air that you breathe, but make your HVAC system far below the level that it could be functioning at. This build up of dust to even be harmful to the health of those who live there, particularly if they are sensitive or susceptible to such things, and it ends up wasting a great deal of energy. In fact, with out proper air duct repair and air duct cleaning when it is necessary and when it should be done, it is estimated that up to forty percent of the energy generated in a typical home will be wasted.

Aside from air duct cleaning, you can further help to improve the energy savings of your home by investing in insulation for your attic space. An insulated attic might seem like a pointless thing (after all, who spends time in the attic) but it is one that can lower your HVAC costs by up to forty percent. In fact, if you have an attic that isn’t insulated or is only poorly insulated, your overall energy costs are likely to rise by as much as twenty five percent.