Taking A Look at the Importance Of Caring For Your HVAC System In The United States

Heating and cooling are two very important services provided here in the United States, and very popular ones at that. Heating, for instance, is critical especially during the often frigid winter months, as living in a place that does not have heating can even be dangerous in many parts of the country. And while air conditioning systems are not necessarily as life saving, they are crucial when it comes to general comfort during hot summer months. As all HVAC service companies will tell you, taking good care of your heating and cooling systems is essential if you hope to keep them working in the way that they should be.

For starters, routine inspection is key to a heating and cooling system that stays functional and efficient. In fact, HVAC service companies typically recommend that such an inspection be conducted at least twice a year instead of on just an annual basis. This will help to ensure that everything in your HVAC systems is as it should be, and the process of routine cleaning and servicing will help to keep it that way until the next inspection by HVAC service companies and the professionals that they employ is conducted.

If you do not have these inspections done per the recommendation of the vast majority of HVAC service companies, you open the door for heating and cooling disaster – or at least problems that you otherwise would not have had to deal with. The consequences can even be dangerous, in the case of your heating system simply ceasing to work, something that happens more often than one might think. In fact, it has been estimated that up to seventy five percent of all no heat calls in the United States come as a direct result of a lack of maintenance, causing the heating system to eventually just shut down with no warning.

And a lack of maintenance will effect your air conditioning system to, as HVAC service companies will all be able to attest to. If you do not change the filters in your system regularly, they will accumulate a build up of particles like dust, dander, and dirt, and other various chemicals. This tainted air is then recirculated through your home up to seven times a day – and typically no less than five times a day. For those who have allergies or chemical sensitivities, this can make being in your very own home, the place where you should feel the most comfortable, a trying and difficult experience. It can also lead to increased cases of conditions like asthma as well as the development of new allergies, which are likely to be seen most frequently in the very young children and the very old adults who might also be living there.

When considering HVAC service companies and your heating and cooling system as a whole, it is also more than ideal to consider ways in which you can save money, as it is estimated that up to forty percent of all energy generated in HVAC systems is wasted energy, in part due to a lack of servicing that causes said systems to work harder than they should have to in order to heat or cool your home. This lack of home efficiency can lead to high utility bills. Fortunately, aside from having regular maintenance conducted, there are a number of steps you can take to increase the energy conservation of your home, thus lowering your overall energy and utility bills.

For one, you can add in spray foam insulation. Even just adding spray foam insulation to your attic space can have a considerable effect, lowering your overall energy bills by as much as sixty percent for each and every month. This is certainly a considerable amount by just about anyone’s standards. Replacing your old windows for new ones, particularly double paned ones, can also be helpful, as up to twenty five percent of your energy can escape through windows that are drafty and full of leaks and small holes. Even making such a small change can have a considerable impact on your monthly costs.