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How to Get Rid of Radon in Your Home

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Once a radon testing contractor has discovered the presence of radon in your home, it’s time to take urgent action. Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas and one of the major causes of lung cancer. Your family is at a big risk and can develop lung cancer if the gas is not eliminated from your house.

Here is how to get rid of radon in your home

Hire a radon specialist
After the radon gas testing process has confirmed the presence of radon gas in your home, start by contacting your local radon office. In every state, there are many certified radon experts, and from the list, you can choose a radon testing contractor to help lower radon levels in your home.

A residential radon testing service enables you to make the right decision. Radon is found in the ground and can enter into your home through cracks on the floor, gaps, pipes and walls. It can also find i