What You Should Know About Caring for Your Home’s Roof

When homes are located in areas that experience inclement weather, roofing repairs may be needed on a more frequent basis. This may particularly be the case with older roofs that haven’t been regularly inspected, maintained, or repaired as needed. In areas with high winds, storms, and hail, shingle roofs may be more susceptible to damage than roofs made of other types of materials.

How Often Roofs Should Be Inspected

It’s interesting to note that 23% of homeowners only have their roof inspected if they discover a problem. Experts indicate, however, that under normal conditions, roofs need to be inspected one or two times a year. When these homes experience heavy weather conditions, however, roof inspections should occur more frequently.

When Roofs Need Replacing

When homeowners choose or need to replace their roofs, they tend to take several factors into consideration. According to a recent consumer survey, these are the top two factors:

  • Durability: 88%
  • Longevity: 83%

Metal roofs are durable and have a long life span. While some may last for a minimum of 50 years, others may last over 100. It’s also important to note that metal roofs can reduce household energy bills. Recent figures indicate that this can amount to an annual savings of up to 25%.

The Importance of Understanding Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Many homeowners may not be aware of what their insurance will cover. A survey found that 27% of the participating homeowners believed that their insurance would cover the type of roof damage that occurs over time. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Given this, it’s important to know how homeowner’s insurance works as well as what types of situations are covered.

Clogged gutters, for instance, can cause leaky roofs and other issues. They are actually the primary cause of basement water problems, such as flooding. This is another reason why it’s important for homeowners to have flood and other types of insurance so that they are able to attend to these issues as soon as possible before further damage is caused.

Contact a Residential Roofer to Learn More

When you contact your local commercial roofing company to inspect your roof, they will provide you with a written evaluation and recommendation of repair along with a free written estimate of repair costs. If you currently have an old shingle roof, your commercial roofing company may recommend replacing it with a metal roof. As previously stated, metal roofs possess both durability and longevity.