Before the heat sets in and you find yourself with a broken air conditioning, check these common problems

Depending on where you live, your air conditioning could be one of the most important pieces of your home during those hot humid months of summer. No one wants to have to go through an entire humid summer with a broken air conditioner. In fact, we often find ourselves, instead of contacting an HVAC company to check our machines are in working order once a year (like they say we should) dealing with emergency air conditioning repair in the dog days of summer when we’d much rather be sitting in the cooling temperatures resting and enjoying the cool air blowing in our faces. Before we work ourselves up calling every ac repair service in the book, perhaps taking a look at common types of air conditioning repair could be needed for your home.

What are the most common types of air conditioning repair?

Filter issues

One of the most popular problems when it comes to your home air conditioning is filter issues. When filters become too dirty they can jam up the machines so that they no longer work. Your air filters should actually be changed every three months in order to protect your home and those who live within it as well. When a filter is changed it reduces the chance of bacteria and viruses infecting those within your home. It is a very important part of keeping up your air conditioning and making sure that you don’t go a summer without the cooling relief.

No, your refrigerator isn’t leaking

It’s actually a refrigerant leak within the air conditioner. This is one of the most common types of air conditioning repair that could need to be done with your home system. If there is a leak within your refrigerant than your machine is going to have a very difficult time cooling your house. In some cases, these air conditioners will cool part of a house but not to the degree of which you expect it to be cooled. Avoid the trouble of being in a warm house and if you feel the slightest change in typical temperatures, call your local air conditioning company and have them come out and check to make sure that your air conditioner hasn’t sprung a leak.

It just won’t drain

If you’re having a problem with the drainage of your air conditioning unit it may be time to purchase a new one in order to get any relief. Of course, your typical air conditioning unit should last between 10 and 15 years total, but in some cases, a mechanism inside of the air conditioner breaks and causes a lack of draining that can completely flood the inside of your air unit. If this happens there are few things that your local HVAC company will be able to do to repair your unit quickly. This is why it is imperative to be sure that you have a reliable ac repair company on hand for all of your needs.

The next time you find yourself wondering if your air conditioning unit is going or what common types of air conditioning repair are out there to take care of your unit ac repair services could be the best bet to assuring you that your machine is working properly and you won’t have to suffer through the dog days of summer by dying in the heat. Be sure to have your machines checked at least once a year. When HVAC companies say this they aren’t playing around. Considering that two thirds of all homes in the United States have some type of air conditioning units, they do know what they’re talking about when it comes to running their business and they’re only out to help you stay cool. Have your machines looked at today and enjoy a nice cool summer within your home.