4 Signs You’re Dealing with a Rat Infestation

Many people enjoying living in urban areas. Unfortunately, rats also enjoy these areas due to their abundance of hiding places and trash. However, rat infestations take places in all sorts of locations. If this sounds like a nightmarish situation to you, you’re not alone. While certain people keep rats as pets, many people feel uneasy seeing these unwanted rodents in their homes. It’s important to be aware of signs that rats might be invading your property. With that in mind, here are four signs you’re dealing with a rat infestation.

  • Strange Smells Throughout Your Home

    It’s understandably concerning to begin noticing that your home smells unpleasant. Unfortunately, this often happens to people dealing with rat infestations. As these animals begin to live inside of your home, they leave behind droppings. In addition, homes being taken over by rats often smell like urine. Making matters worse, it’s likely that certain rats will die inside of your home. This leads to you dealing the pungent smell of decaying rodents.
  • Interior Damage Begins Taking Place

    One thing no homeowner wants to deal with is damage from animals occurring to their respective properties. Unfortunately, rats are extremely destructive animals. If you’re potentially dealing with a rat infestation, you’ll likely begin seeing small holes appear throughout your home. These holes occur due to rats gnawing their way through your property.
  • Odd Behavior from Your Pets

    Another sign you’re in need of a professional rodent removal company is if your pets begin acting strangely. Many types of pets are known for their superior hearing and sense of smell. If your pets begin acting strangely while in your home, they could be detecting the presence of rodents. This also happens when pets begin to gather around areas of the home where rats are hiding.
  • Hearing Scratching Noises Throughout the Night

    No person wants to hear strange noises throughout their home, especially while they’re trying to sleep. Unfortunately, rats are nocturnal which means they’re awake during the night instead of the day. If you have rats inside your home, they will likely be making noise throughout the night. In addition to being startling, these noises are often bothersome which makes it difficult to sleep in a sound manner.

In conclusion, it’s important to realize when rats are infesting your home. If you’re living with rats inside of your home, it’s imperative to seek out professional rodent removal right away. Research shows that two rats in an ideal environment could create a population of 482 million rats within only two years. This means that only two rats in your home could leave you dealing with an infestation sooner than you might think. If you want to get rats out of your home, contact a professional rodent removal company.