How to save on space in your trash can

Waste is becoming a global issue and we are struggling to find ways to reduce the amount of trash we create as a planet. Finding the space to put all our trash is impossible and what we need to do is reduce the amount we create. Here are some great ways you can reduce your waste and save space in your garbage bins.

Using reusable containers, straws, and bags is just the beginning of the waste management process. You can now buy reusable lunch bags, snack bags, yogurt cups, dryer sheets, and so much more. The way we use things on this planet is changing and we all need to jump on board to reduce our carbon footprint. You will no longer need to rent the larger waste bins for your curbside pickup if you reduce the amount of things you throw away. You will even begin to save money buying reusable, as you will no longer need to buy one use items and will become more conscious of what you are throwing away. In a life span, the average American will throw away over 600 times the amount of their adult weight in garbage. Trash removal cost will begin to rise if we choose not to watch what we throw away.

Taking the time to fully squash all the cardboard and containers you place into your recycling bins can make a huge difference in space. It seems like such a simple step to squish all boxes and containers but there is a large percentage of people who do not take the time to do this step. You can reduce the amount of space you take in your bins by more than 60% by stepping on them or folding them up. If you receive a large number of boxes for your business or hobbies you can always give them away to people looking for boxes for moving, shipping, storage and more. You can find these people on Facebook groups, classified ads, and other online listings. This will keep the boxes out of your curbside pickup bins and give them a whole new life.

If you are truly dedicated to removing the amount of waste you produce you can even start a compost bin which is good in more than one way. A compost bin will reduce your garbage curbside pickup and it can be an excellent way to add a healthy food to your garden and house plants. Composting can be super simple and there are a number of things you can add. The only things you need to avoid putting in a compost pile is meat products, citrus, processed foods, and dairy. Other than that you can add many other leftovers from fruit, vegetables, pasta, eggshells, newspapers, small pieces of cardboard and more. You can find many valuable pieces of information on composting on the internet and if you find it a great way to save money and the environment you may choose to learn more about being a frugal minimalist.