A Lucrative Career With Room For Growth Residential Exterior Painting Jobs In 2019

Hiring exterior painters may be deemed as essential home maintenance service providers. Painting your home’s exterior begins with thorough research. It starts with finding the best color to paint your house exterior. The next step is determining the average cost of a gallon of exterior paint. Make inquiries from varying paint suppliers until you get what you are looking for. Assess the previous painting projects that your exterior painter of choice has done. Only go for professionals with the right skills and know-how to do exterior painting.

Make sure the different surfaces and physical status of the property on the exterior are looked into. After evaluating your property’s condition, your house is ready to move to the next step in the exterior paint preparation. Consider correcting parts that require repairs before the painting begins. Undertaking any painting project requires taking the proper steps and approach. Paying attention to the details of each step to prevent the need for maintenance services in the future.

Besides the physical signs showing the damage on the exterior of your property, check out for discolored places, peeling, or blistering the old paint. Make inquiries about the best all weather paint. Working with experienced painters will help you get quality all weather paint for wood to attain an appealing appearance for your exterior painting project.

You know a lot about homes, both how to maintain their value and boost their aesthetic appeal. This knowledge has translated into a desire to look into residential exterior painting jobs. Where would you get started?

Turns out there’s quite a lot of demand in this field. The real estate market has been taking off these past few years, due in no small part to an increased interest in homeownership. More and more Americans are eager to carve out a slice of independence, providing contractors more than enough opportunity to strut their stuff. Interior painting and drywall services are an important niche that involves both aesthetic appeal and health hazards. When you apply for residential exterior painting jobs, this is a balance you’ll have to strike.

Rome isn’t built in a day. Neither is a house. Below are five important things you’ll have to keep in mind when applying for residential exterior painting jobs.

The Real Estate Market Is Flourishing

You may be led to believe the real estate market is about to go belly-up. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thousands of new homes are constructed every year, with a particular emphasis on appealing to Millennial first-time buyers. A recent Houzz survey found home renovation is booming and at least half of all homeowners are actively planning on improving their residence in some fashion. Residential exterior painting jobs, as a result, are going to become more coveted as more Americans get in touch with their dreams of homeownership.

Painting Requires A Steady Hand

Strong exterior and interior painting services will require a steady hand. The last thing you want is a poorly finished job that has to be picked up by someone else in your industry. House painting jobs are lucrative and increasing in demand, providing you plenty of opportunities for growth as you gather experience. Those with prior experience in contracting and drywall will do well here, but it’s not the only way of starting. Just having a good eye for process and detail will go a long way.

Chemical Hazards Should Always Be Minded

Part of what makes residential exterior painting jobs so essential are the chemicals involved. Back in the 1970’s the government banned lead as a paint ingredient due to the mounting health risks associated with long-term exposure. These include (but are not limited to) mental health issues, nerve damage, and birth defects. Unfortunately, most homes built before 1978 — that’s over 55 million houses — still have lead paint. It’s your job to make sure you’re not just compounding on a health issue when improving a home’s appearance.

Homeowners Should Be Taught About Renovation Projects

You’ll have homeowners that will want to touch up their house themselves. It’s important to teach them what to do — as well as what not to do — so everyone can stay safe. For example, a properly stored can of paint has the potential to last three to five years. Old paint will often have its vital components separated through time, creating an unstable result that can result in peeling walls and worse indoor air pollution. Provide your clients with reasonable alternatives next time you apply for local residential exterior painting jobs.

Residential Drywall Services Requires Experience

You’ve chosen a good time to seek out residential drywall services. Several companies are working in close conjunction with the real estate industry, providing homeowners new and old the means of realizing their dream homes. You can also find several jobs touching up businesses, establishments, or improving civil engineering. The average residential painter can make between $25,000 to $45,000 a year depending on their experience and niche. There are several opportunities for growth as you move from client to company.

Put your knowledge of homes to good use. See what residential exterior painting jobs can do for your career goals.