Here are 3 Reasons to Install a Commercial Elevator in Your Building

Commercial elevators can currently be found in thousands of buildings all over the United States. There are over 700,000 elevators in the United States alone, with 10,000 elevators or residential lifts being installed by an elevator company each year. Elevators have been in use since the 19th century, though they used to require a two-man team to operate. However, this was discontinued once navigational buttons for elevators were developed. There are a number of reasons to install a commercial elevator in any building you own and this article will look at a few of those reasons.

  • Elevators Can Fulfill a Number of Purposes: One reason to have commercial elevator installation take place in your building is that these commercial elevators can fulfill a number of purposes throughout the building. There are several types of commercial elevators that can be used to carry people, large freight, or small items that can be sent in a dumb waiter, which is a small type of elevator. These elevators can ensure everything from people to freight are smoothly delivered between floors in your building.
  • Safer Than Escalators: Another reason to have a commercial elevator installed in your building is that they are generally safer than escalators, the latter of which can also be used to transport people between the floors of a building. Elevators are around twenty times safer than escalators. While there are far more elevators than escalators, elevators only have a third as many accidents. Therefore, it’s much safer to install commercial elevators in your building than escalators.
  • Only Need Occasional Maintenance: A third reason to have a commercial elevator installed in your building is that elevator repair only needs to take place on an occasional basis. While escalators are at risk of frequently breaking down, elevators only require occasional repair, which make them far more useful over a long period of time.

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons to have a commercial elevator installed in your building. These include but are certainly not limited to: fulfilling a number of purposes throughout the building, elevators are safer than escalators, and elevators only need occasional repair and maintenance. These are all good reasons to consider when you’re thinking about installing a commercial elevator inside your building.