Services and Repairs that Keep Septic Tanks Working Properly

It’s important to take care of your septic tank if your home uses one. A septic tank can be an incredibly effective way to take care of your sewer needs without needing to be connected to the city’s sewer. When you have an active septic system, it’s important to maintain it well. Active septic solutions include using a septic cleaning product every once in a while.

These cleaners introduce enzymes into the septic tank so that the waste material is literally eaten by the enzymes. This can help you to avoid needing septic tank cleaning companies to give you an expensive cleaning of your tank. If you maintain a septic system well, you may never need to hire a company to drain the tank and clean it out.

If you have an above-ground mound septic system, you will also need an above-ground drain field for it. If you do need a company to come out and drain your tank, it’s far easier and less expensive when you have an above-ground septic tank. This allows the tank to be drained without the need for an excavator to reach it. Never flush a solid item in order to prevent clogs.

About a quarter of all American homes use a septic tank, leading to a consistent need for septic tank service across the nation. Septic tanks manage your home’s wastewater so that there is enough time for any solids to settle out.

Information About Septic Tanks

Of all those septic tanks used in residential plumbing, there is a constant need for septic tank repairs and service across the country. While most systems are 1,000-gallon size and are needed for a traditional two-bedroom household and the processing of wastewater. With the sewers and septic tanks completing this process in all homes, there is much need for regular local septic tank service to keep your home systems running properly.

The Need to Service Septic Tanks

Many different septic services are available to help keep your tank clean and in working order. It is easy to assume that very little solids make their way down your drains to the sewer and septic systems below your home. However, just using a garbage disposal will increase the solids that make their way into your septic tank by at least half. The garbage disposal seems so efficient for the kitchen sink and daily cooking and cleaning activity, but may also increase the need for septic tank pumping and other maintenance in the long run.

Determine When Septic Tanks Need Service or Repair

There are many times when it is important to keep an eye on how full that septic tank becomes. Especially when there are toilets running that are running, or faucets that drip continually. Considering the fact that the standard home uses about 70 gallons of water per person daily, these small leaks would add a great deal. Even worse than that is the tiny drips that we assume to be no big deal, which end up adding an incredible amount of water that runs into the septic tank daily. This could lead to much more often required septic tank pumping or other services.

With the daily processing of water, in addition to the leaks and disposals in homes, the EPA estimates about four billion gallons of wastewater are disposed of underground on a daily basis. Additionally, that is just the United States. Consider the entire world and how much water is used regularly. This is a great deal. With so much water wasted there is now the need to be more frugal with our water usage, especially with the service and maintenance that can help keep our environment much cleaner in the long run.