6 Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Vinyl Windows

If you’re a homeowner there has to be a point in time when you’ll contemplate renovating or replacing at least one feature of your house. This may be due to a flaw or simply because you want to improve some aesthetics or functionality in your home.

Whether you’re considering installing new doors or windows, upgrades are a good thing for your home because they can increase the resale value of your property or the rent that you can charge if you let your property. This is perhaps why surveys indicate that approximately 58% of homeowners plan to spend some cash on home improvements this year.

A window upgrade is one of the easiest renovation options that can transform the look of your home and improve your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and property value. Aluminum and wooden windows are perhaps the most popular window options currently in use. But presently, contractors, window companies, and professionals in the construction industry are recommending the use of Vinyl windows. So why all the hype about Vinyl windows?

The popular Aluminum windows are not energy efficient because Aluminum is a good conductor and it draws in outdoor heat during summer while dissipating more indoor heat in winter. As such, these windows heat up your home in summer while cooling it in the winter. This is the exact opposite of what is required in home energy efficiency and insulation. Additionally, Aluminum windows are not easy to clean and when they get old they creak and make lots of noise.

On the other hand, wooden windows are often appealing because of their classic and timeless looks. They also provide effective insulation than Aluminum windows, but they need more maintenance when compared to Aluminum or Vinyl windows. In addition, they often retain moisture and they can rot or be eaten up by wood boring pests.

How then are the Vinyl windows better than the popular Aluminum or wooden windows?

Better Insulation and energy efficiency

All window replacement specialists can attest to the fact that Vinyl windows are energy efficient and they need minimal maintenance. Vinyl windows have superior insulation capacity and they can save you money spent on energy used to heat up your home or cool it through fans. Home energy efficiency is important especially in seasons with extreme temperature changes such as winter and summer. The Vinyl windows have the ability to keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter because of their superior insulation.

Better aesthetics

Vinyl windows are also an ideal window upgrade option because of Vinyl’s better aesthetics. Vinyl windows come in various sizes, styles, and colors, which allows you to create any aesthetically appealing look that you desire for your home. Alternatively, the Vinyl material can be made to look like your classic wooden windows.

Great durability

Vinyl is a strong and durable material capable of withstanding extreme weather and day-to-day wear and tear. Unlike windows made from other materials, vinyl is not negatively affected by extreme heat. This is the reason why Vinyl windows can do well as a coastal region window upgrade option. The hardy nature of Vinyl implies that you don’t have to replace or change your windows more often as would be the case in wooden windows.

Minimal maintenance requirements

Wooden windows may require regular resealing and painting. They may also require staining and refinishing. But Vinyl windows require the least amount of maintenance and this saves you money and time spent on regular window maintenance. Unlike Aluminum windows, Vinyl window installation and cleaning is also comparatively easier.

Vinyl windows are affordable

You may also consider a Vinyl window upgrade because Vinyl windows are not as expensive as wooden windows, which may have the same energy efficiency as Vinyl windows.

Easy to operate

Vinyl windows close and open smoothly and they maintain a scratch-free look if well maintained. The smooth operation of Vinyl windows reduce unpleasant creaks and screeching sounds when you open and close your windows. As such, they’re an ideal window replacement option.

It is apparent that vinyl gives you options that you cannot find in other materials and therefore it’s the best choice for your windows.