Building a New Deck or Adding a New Bathroom Can Both Increase the Value of Your Home

The workers demolished the old deck faster than you were able to submit writing tasks for your job. The crew leader greeted you at the front door first thing in the morning and were anxious to get started. The cooler temperatures were surely part of the crews eagerness, but the contractor who you hired had indicated that he worked with a great group of workers. You took a few minutes to explain that your husband was out of town and would need help getting the old deck furniture moved. You initially asked if you might be able to use the dumpster to get rid of the table, umbrella, and four chairs, but when you paid attention to the foreman’s reaction, you instead offered the set to one of the workers on the crew. Allowing them to store the pieces in your garage until the worker could take the set, you could tell that this would be a great project from start to finish.

You also explained that the custom build bird feeder would need to be removed from the corner of the deck and the group was more than willing to oblige. Perhaps it was the fact that you have gifted them the patio set, perhaps it was the fact that you offered to let them carry the heaviest piece, the outdoor grill, through the house instead of the rickety steps. Either way, this was one of the best crew of workers you have ever had on your property.

Three damaging hailstorms in the last decade has meant three roofs, three new sets of windows, and three complete sets of replacement gutters. This, however, was the first time that a deck renovation was part of the insurance claim. It was going to cost some extra money out of your pocket, even more than the $5,000 deductible. But from this very first morning you can tell that you are going to get a great deck for your family to enjoy for many years. The decision to upgrade to a composite material means that you will know longer need to power wash or restain the place where your family has enjoyed so many meals in the past.

The severely weathered and splintery floor has limited the amount of use that this outdoor space has gotten in the past, but now you are looking forward to drinking your early morning coffee while you complete writing tasks on the deck, and you are certain that there will be many more times when your family will get back to enjoying nice, long, leisurely meals in this space. You will, of course, need to replace the deck furniture that you just gave away, but that was a purchase that you have been wanting to make for years, just not an investment that you were willing to complete while the deck was in such a state of disrepair.

Home Improvement Projects Add Value to Your Home

What projects do you have planned for your home this year? Whether you are upgrading an outdoor deck or investing in a new hot water heater replacement, it is always important to use the highest quality materials you can afford and work with the very best contractors who are available. From unexpected projects that require an emergency plumber to work that you schedule well in advance, the materials that you use and the craftsmanship of the work that is completed matters.
When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, for instance, it is also important to make sure that you are following the recommended maintenance schedule so that you can avoid the need for an emergency plumber in the future.

For instance, if you are hoping to continue to use the current hot water heater that is in your home, experts recommend that it is important to drain and remove the sediment from a water heater at least once a year. Emergency plumber fees are expensive, and if you can follow the recommended maintenance on the water systems in your house, you are less likely to need these expensive services. When you do need an emergency plumber, however, it is important to hire the best qualified workers you can afford.