How to Improve the Value of a Home With Additions

If you love the home you’re currently in, but you feel there’s not enough space, it might be time for an addition. Home additions can make a difference in the value of your house. You can choose to enlarge a common area, such as the kitchen, or you can make a bathroom bigger. There’s a lot of benefits to building on in addition to your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind in regard to a home addition and overall value of a house.

Picking the Right Rooms to Remodel or Build an Addition to Can Increase Your Home Value

Many people want to buy a home that has plenty of space. Even if yours doesn’t, and you choose to have it remodeled or enlarged, this can help increase the overall worth. For example, having a bathroom addition added onto a home can increase the ROI of over 85%. Choosing to build an addition on to a kitchen or have a kitchen remodel can provide similar results since many people look for spacious kitchens and consider this an area they will be in a lot.

Many Homes Benefit From an Addition or Remodel Because of When They Were Built

Homes that were built before 1980 are often in need of improvement for today’s modern families. Often these rooms need more space due to rooms being smaller, or they would benefit from having modern conveniences added. Knowing the right types of rooms to make additions can help, such as a master suite, a family room, or a sunroom. When people see these types of rooms in a home, they are more likely to purchase it and willing to pay a higher price because of the value they perceive it adds.

Consider What Your Home is Most in Need Of

While adding a sunroom might sound nice, think about if your home would be better off if it had a family room or a bathroom added on to the master bedroom. If you already have the latter two, go ahead and add a sunroom. Knowing how to plan and figure out what your home is most in need of can work to your advantage, making it easier to sell.

There are benefits to having additions put on a home. Depending on the room, they can increase the value. If a home is older, it could be helpful to upgrade, either for your own comfort, or to attract buyers. Finally, by putting on an addition that your home is most in need of, you can ensure a greater likelihood of the home being well-rounded enough to sell.