Four Ways Regular HVAC Maintenance is Good for You and Your Home

Each year, Americans spend $14 billion on home air conditioning repair and services. Remember, energy consumption costs constitute the bulk of household bills. If you can reduce energy usage, you can reduce costs.

You could be using 30% more energy because of faulty or poorly installed HVAC. Therefore, the less efficient your HVAC or AC system is, the more energy you use. The more energy you use, the more it costs you.

Generally, the high performance of an AC and HVAC system is essential for energy saving. This means regular HVAC maintenance of HVAC has financial, environmental, and health benefits. Moreover, you will enjoy a pleasant environment because the system works efficiently to keep the house warm or cool.

However, it is not uncommon to forget about HVAC maintenance. After all, modern innovations continuously improve the convenience and longevity of equipment to increase customers’ satisfaction. AC and HVAC maintenance is not a sign of poor manufacturing but an acknowledgment of the immense work such systems do daily.

Simply inquire about an HVAC technician about an AC cooling and heating price. You can significantly improve your HVAC performance by engaging an HVAC technician.

Below are the top benefits of maintaining and keeping your HVAC system in good shape. Read on.

In this day and age, many of us take our HVAC system for granted. If you regularly take care of your HVAC system, it will take good care of you. Servicing your HVAC system on a regular basis protects your system’s warranty and will keep your home strong for many years to come. Here are a few reasons why regular maintenance is a good idea, for both you and your home.

Preventative Maintenance is Putting Safety First

Your HVAC system should be inspected at least twice a year to retain maximum efficiency. Regular inspections will also tell you if you need to invest in cleaning out your dryer vents or other ducts attached to your HVAC system. House fires all over the nation are due to poor maintenance and clogged dryer vents. You can prevent catastrophes like house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning by having your HVAC system checked on a regular basis.

You’ll Save Money

Regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs while also saving you money in the long run. For example, did you know that around one trillion gallons of water are wasted each year due to running toilets, leaking faucets, and other household leaks? That’s close to $6 billion wasted every year! Now think about the possible money that you’re losing because of your HVAC system and imagine the money you could be saving with regular HVAC maintenance checks.

It’s Healthier for You and the Environment

Poor air quality in your home can be blamed largely on a poorly functioning HVAC unit. Common indoor allergens like mold and dust thrive when your furnace, air ducts, dryer vents, and other HVAC components are not properly maintained. Your heating and air conditioning company can also make recommendations for a more energy-efficient thermostat so that you and your family can minimize your green footprint.

Some Products May Still Be Under Warranty

Many companies keep their warranty information easily accessible, like Trane’s Warranty and Registration Page. These helpful sites are great if you’re worried about your dryer vents or if you need furnace repairs. Even if you’re not sure if your system is still under warranty, you can always call your HVAC company to confirm. It’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s always a good idea to take advantage of a warranty when you can! For more information, contact your Trane Comfort Specialist today.