Impressive Color Options for Your Baby’s Nursery

As your due date is fast approaching, you’ve probably pondered on the best color for your unborn baby’s nursery. According to color psychologists, it’s believed that certain types of nursery colors, such as warm and cool colors, can significantly impact babies’ mood, behavior, sleep patterns, and general body and mind stimulation.

Choosing a paint for the nursery can be a challenge because you aren’t only looking for an eco-friendly and low VOC paint, but one that has an ideal color. A good nursery paint color can dramatically spruce up your baby’s room fostering calmness and nurturing.

Here are some charming paint color options suitable for nursery and baby rooms.

1. Subtle Blue Paint Color

Light and medium blue is a perfect color for a nursery as it’s associated with cooling and calming effect for both body and mind. Darker shades of blue, however, are associated with sadness or depression, so you’d want to avoid these.

A nursery painted with delicate shades of blue will help a distressed baby calm down, reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns. Though blue is stereotypical for boy’s nursery, the society we living in today is becoming more gender-neutral, so you can try out a different color to keep things impartial. This is also important if you are not aware of the baby’s gender or if you’re blessed with twins.

2.Refreshing and Calming Greens

Add a touch of nature to your baby’s room or nursery with a nurturing shade of green paint on the walls. Green is so calming and natural, making it an ideal color of choice for decorating. It’s also believed to improve concentration -perhaps the reason it’s one of the popular colors used in kids’ learning centers.

For maximum nurturing effect, avoid darker shades of green and instead try light to medium colors such as sage, sea foam, wintergreen, olive, and apple green.

3. Angelic Whites

White represents clean, purity, innocence but it’s also a soothing color when choosing a paint for the nursery. But you should avoid going all-white with your nursery design, otherwise, the nursery will look boring and prone to stains.

The popular spectrum of white you can try are soft ivory, vanilla, pearl white, floral white, beige, champagne, cream and dutch white. White is angelic and makes the perfect backdrop when blended with splashes of colors to stimulate your little ones’ emotions.

4. Romantic Pink

Pink often symbolizes affection and romance, and girls love these. So your little girl will certainly love her nursery decorated with pinky details. Also, it brings in a warm ambiance and a calming effect that help toddlers, particularly those who are more likely to throw tantrums.

Pink is a go-to color when choosing a paint for the nursery. But to ensure a nursery doesn’t have an overload of pink, splash some colors to break that pink monotony.

5. Passionately Red

Red is among the bold colors suitable for nursery design. It quickly draws attention and invokes playful characteristics. If you consider color red for your nursery, only use it to accentuate the room but as wall paint.

When it comes to choosing a paint for the nursery, there are plenty of color options out there to consider. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, consult with an interior decorator to help you determine the best color matching options.