Why Tankless Water Heaters are Better than Traditional Tank Heaters

Over the last ten years, tankless water heaters have gained much attention and adoration from homeowners in Portland, Oregon, and other regions in the United States. There is a significant shift in the market where homeowners are moving from the traditional water heating tanks to tankless water heaters. If you are in the market for water heaters this cold season, you need to understand why you should consider using tankless water heaters.

1. Higher Volume of Distribution

Higher distribution of water is always an issue when you are using tank water heaters. Some areas of the room may not get sufficient water, which may affect your operations. However, tankless water heaters bring about a sufficient supply of water in the room. It is possible to perform several activities at the same time. You can get sufficient supply of water in the washing machine, dishwasher, and more than one shower can be running without you ever experiencing water shortage.

2. Water Conservation

Water heater installation Portland will help you to conserve large volumes of water that you can use in other home activities. While traditional tank water heater tanks takes an average of two minutes to produce hot water and more than twenty minutes to refill the reserve, the tankless system takes seconds to heat water, which means that you can start to shower immediately. If you can start to shower instantly, you will not only save time but large volumes of water and lower your monthly utility bills.

3. Huge Energy Savings

Studies show that average homes use more than 54% of their annual utility bills on heating and cooling. This is a huge amount that can have significant impacts on the financial wellbeing of a family. The solution lies in getting a more efficient energy system that can heat sufficient water for the house while at the same time-saving energy. The tankless water heating system is the best out there when it comes to heating water and saving energy. It is estimated that tankless water heaters can save you more than 30% of your annual energy bills.

4. Saving Space

Traditional tank water heaters are large installations that take significant spaces in homes. Although many people have sufficient spaces in their homes, others live in smaller units where any large installation will take significant spaces. Therefore, if you have space restrictions in your home, you should move away from traditional heating systems. Tankless water heaters are about 1/5 the size of a conventional tank unit. Some of the tankless systems can be mounted on the wall and be connected to the water source.

5. Tankless Systems Last Longer

When it comes to home insulation, home energy audit, and any other form of heating, durability is an important factor. Most of the home heating systems only last for a few years after which they require immediate attention or replacement. This is an expensive undertaking that you are not willing to entertain. The solution lies in looking for a heating system that will last for many years.

While traditional heating tank may serve you for a maximum of ten years, a tankless system can heat water for a minimum of fifteen years. Additionally, tankless system has a warranty period of two decades. Installing this system will add significant value to your home.

6. Safety

Heating water is an issue that needs safety precautions. Some systems may drastically fail and injure the person showering, especially the traditional water heater, which tends to have temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, tankless system has proved to be safe because it continuously produces water at constant temperatures. It has a digital temperature control system that does not fail with ease. When you are using tankless units, you are sure that nothing wrong will happen.

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