12 Popular Home Remodeling Projects

Getting a local contractor for a home remodel can take a little time. You want to make sure that you have a contractor with a solid history of work and plenty of experience with what you want. Remodeling the house can make it more enjoyable to live in as well as increase its value. When you’re shopping for home makeover services, it can be helpful to choose a contractor with some home design buzz.

If you’re looking for home remodeling tips to avoid overspending, there are many home sites that can give you helpful advice. One way to proceed is to begin with a concrete budget for the remodel. Make sure that you are realistic about what you want and how it fits into the budget. It can be tempting to add on other features during the process, but you need to stick to the budget all the way through.

Once you have a full house repair and renovation company, work with them closely to create the changes that you want. It’s important to communicate with them during the remodel and let them know if anything isn’t right. This can help you to get just the changes you’ve been looking for.

It’s no coincidence that the home remodeling market is currently valued at $450 billion and projected for further growth. Homeowners decide to remodel to increase their home’s energy efficiency, market value, and to make their home more enjoyable. Are you considering remodeling your home? Do you want to you’re your home more appealing to potential buyers? Whether you have a big budget or a small budget, there are so many possibilities when it comes to remodeling your home. If you are looking to generate some fresh ideas, here are twelve of the most popular home remodeling projects:

Encapsulating your Crawl Space

Start your home remodel by focusing on your home’s air quality. Your vented crawl space plays an important role in letting your home “breathe”. Neglecting your crawl space can lead to costly fixes and repairs. For instance, poorly ventilated crawl spaces frequently suffer from issues caused by an accumulation of moisture. When condensation builds up within the crawl space environment it can result in mold and mildew growth. Moisture attracts wood-destroying pests and increases the potential of wood to rot underneath your home. Furthermore, a damp environment attracts rodents and pests to take up residence.

Crawl space restoration greatly reduces moisture accumulation and keeps out unwanted pests. Crawl spaces are designed to facilitate access to plumbing, electrical, and related maintenance. As a result, the first step of the encapsulation process is sealing vents, pipes, and doors to prevent unwanted airflow and waterproof the area. Next, a durable layer of plastic is added to the floor and walls to increase insulation. Once the area is sealed and insulated, all extra moisture is then removed. Lastly, if your home resides in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump or flood alarm may also be installed.

Have an expert crawl in your cramped and musty crawl space to inspect for anything insidious lurking underneath your home. If you want to remodel your home to increase the property value, encapsulating your crawl space is a worthwhile investment. Encapsulating your crawl space makes your home more appealing to potential buyers because it addresses important issues. A properly encapsulated crawl space makes the air you breathe in your home cleaner and reduces potential structural damages caused by moisture.

Upgrading your Heating and Cooling System

It may seem counter-intuitive, but maintaining old heating and cooling systems can potentially cost more money than replacing them with a brand new one. If there are any leaks or openings in the air ducts that cause reduces air pressure, your air conditioning unit has to use more energy to move the same quantity of air. When calculating costs, your family’s health should also be taken into account. Your old HVAC unit accumulates debris, dirt, and dust over time. New heating and cooling systems not only save homeowners money, but they also pump healthier air into households. If its something you are interested in, schedule an appointment with a heating and cooling systems specialist to see if replacing your HVAC system is within your price range.

Remodel Your Pool

Adding new tiles or features to your pool can make it appear brand new. If you have pets or children, adding a safety cover for your pool or a fence is a worthwhile investment. Another great kid-friendly feature is the addition of a waterslide. To your child, a new water slide transforms your backyard into a waterpark.

Another popular way to remodel your pool is getting a new pebble finish. A mixture of pebbles that are sandblasted and polished can give your pool a more modern look. The best way to learn more about the numerous pool design trends is to contact a commercial pool company and request a consultation. Brainstorming possibilities with an expert can be a great way to arrive at the design that is right for your home.

A pool remodel can be fun and also save you money. For example, investing in a pool cover can reduce evaporation in the summer thus decreasing the amount you spend on your water bill. Another cost-saving method is converting your pool to saltwater. Over time, saltwater conversions can save you the money spent on chemicals. Another way to save money with a pool remodel is to get a new pool pump. Variable-speed pool pumps can save you money because you can turn down your pump so it’s not operating at full capacity all day and night. Before investing in a new pump, contact a commercial pool company and inquire about a variable-speed pool pump.

Add a Kitchen Pantry

One genius home remodel is to add more storage space in your kitchen. A cluttered kitchen appears messy and unorganized. Adding more storage adds appeal to your kitchen and makes your cookware more accessible. By installing shelving on open spaces on walls you can increase room for kitchenware and decorative pieces.

Repair your Pipes

It is important to inspect your pipes for cracks, corrosion, and leaks. Eroding pipes can clog sewage and cause leaks that result in water damage to your furnishings. Having a professional plumber inspect your pipes for problems before your sewer line backs up can save you a lot in future costs. What is the point of investing in new furniture that can potentially be damaged by leaks from eroding pipes? Getting an expert’s opinion on the pipes in your home is one of the most important parts of a home remodel process.

Customize Your Countertop

One way to remodel your home to reflect your style is by getting a custom countertop. Customizing your countertop is an opportunity to select the size and color scheme that perfectly fits your kitchen. A custom countertop can completely transform a room. For example, switching from a tile to a marble or stone countertop can convey a more elegant tone. Many homeowners opt to get a new countertop that is more functional. For instance, if you have children that will be rough on the countertop, then you may select a more durable material. Whether it is style, functionality, or both, the perfect custom countertop may be in your price range. Contact a professional service to set up an appointment.

Add More Mirrors

One of the most affordable ways to improve your home is simply to add new mirrors. Incorporating more mirrors in your home can create the illusion of more space in your home by adding a new dimension. A mirror placed in between two windows increases the amount of natural light entering your home. A new mirror can be an attractive addition to any room (especially if you use it to cover spackle). Placing mirrors with custom frames can also give your home more personality. For example, if you want to make your dining room more elegant add a gilded antique mirror.

Replacing Doors

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Is one of the goals of your next home remodel to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Old drafty doors require your HVAC system to work harder to maintain your home’s desired temperature. As a result, upgrading to a new door can lower your monthly energy bills. If modernizing your home is a top priority, research the abundance of new lock system technologies available. For instance, the latest lock systems allow homeowners to secure their doors using their smartphones. Many modern lock systems also offer more security features to increase the safety of your home.

Another reason homeowners decide to get new doors is to personalize their home. Part of the fun of remodeling your home is selecting items that match your style preference. Getting a new door allows you to personalize your home without paying for an expensive remodel. Switch your old door with one that has a more appealing design and color or expand your front entryway with a wider door.

Another affordable door remodel is getting designer door hardware. If you’re an animal lover, getting an elaborately designed animal doorknob can boost the enjoyment of your home A cost-effective way to make your doors feel brand new is getting new designer door hardware. Affordable suites of knobs and handles are available. You can coordinate an entire home by purchasing a uniform set of new doorknobs for your cabinets and doors.

Replace your Windows

Another way of promoting energy efficiency in your home is replacing your windows. Allowing more natural lighting into your home with bigger windows can save you money on your electricity bills. Replacing drafty windows with energy-efficient windows increases the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Furthermore, modern windows assist with noise reduction, which can really help if you live in a busy neighborhood.

Another compelling reason to replace your windows is to boost curb appeal. By selecting the right color, style, and material, new windows can make your home more aesthetically appealing. Why not enjoy new energy-efficient windows while increasing your home’s property value?

Changing Siding

If you are interested in a home remodel that can get you a return on your investment, consider replacing your old siding. Changing your siding effectively insulates your home. A home that is effectively insulated consumes less energy than a home with inadequate insulation. The less energy your home uses, the more your energy bill will shrink. As a result, the money initially spent on the new siding can save you money in the long run.

Are you looking to put your home on the market? If you are looking to sell, changing your siding can broaden the market of potential buyers. An old and damaged exterior can give off the impression that your home has a lot of issues. Conversely, new siding can increase your home’s property value because of its cost-savings benefits. Contact a siding expert to gain additional details on the return on investment you can expect by upgrading your siding.


Hydroseeding saves money on labor and materials compared to sod applications and hand seeding. One of the primary reasons for using hydroseeding is erosion control. Hydroseeding holds moisture more effectively thus preventing soil loss from rain, wind, and pests. Furthermore, hydroseeding’s ability to hold moisture creates the quintessential environment for germinating seeds. Having adequate seed germination promotes high-quality plant growth.

Although newly sodded mates can look great, oftentimes they can shrink and clump together creating gaps in your lawn. Conversely, spraying your lawn with hydroseeding results in an even distribution of turf. There is also the possibility that the sodding is incompatible with the soil in your yard. When done by an expert, the likelihood of hydroseeding “not taking” is highly unlikely.

Another important variable is safety. If you have children or pets, consider the fact that hydroseeding is a completely non-toxic method of growing grass. In order to take advantage of the many benefits of hydroseeding, it is recommended that a professional perform the job.

Paint your interior

High-quality interior paint jobs can make the inside of your home appear brand new. Simply switching from a bland color to a bright color can completely change the mood of a room. New paint can also safeguard your walls from dirt and moisture accumulation. If you’re looking to remodel on a small budget, consider hiring a professional to paint your home’s interior rather than a major renovation. An expert interior paint job can increase your home’s property value. If your interested in painting your interior to a color that more suits your taste, contact a residential painting professional.


These are only a dozen of the most popular home remodeling options. There are so many ways to soup up your home. The home remodeling market continues to thrive each year. Many of the popular remodel trends promote energy efficiency and increase a home’s market value. So, what’s the first step? Understand your budget and your home’s needs. After that, it is much easier to narrow down the best investment for your home.