Why is Keeping Your Commercial HVAC System Maintained So Important?

If you are anything like most business owners, then you probably know how crucial it is to keep up on the maintenance and care of your business. However, you may be ignoring some important aspects, such as your commercial HVAC system’s maintenance. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to show you why keeping your HVAC system properly maintained is so important.

Replacing Old HVAC Parts With Newer Ones Saves You Money and Time

You don’t need to be an expert in heating and cooling to know that newer parts lead to better performance. As an example, replacing an older filter with a newer one is simple and can lead to some incredible gains in the efficiency and operation of your HVAC system. Allowing a heating and cooling system to continue running with old parts can hamper its function in some major ways. On the other hand, certain parts like compressors are better off being repaired by professionals instead of fully replaced, which will end up saving your organization even more money because of their costs.

Rather than replacing a compressor and spending a significant amount of money upfront, consult with the professionals you’re working with to handle your company’s HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair work.

If an HVAC system isn’t using the best parts, then you can expect it to end up using more energy. As you may have guessed, more energy usage leads to larger energy expenses for your company, which could end up putting your business in the red. In the long run, proper HVAC maintenance procedures and replacements will end up saving your business a lot of time and financial capital.

Proper Maintenance on Your Commercial HVAC System Can Reduce Your Energy Output

Without the proper parts and HVAC system in place, your business is probably adding a significant amount of energy to your company’s entire energy usage picture. Just as with older and outdated appliances, they are made with parts that may not be the most energy-efficient in most cases. HVAC systems are no exception here.

Having a skilled HVAC contractor perform repair work on compressors is a great idea for all. When you choose a remanufactured compressor, you’ll be getting a unit installed that is much better than a rebuilt. Compressor brands that have been remanufactured for maximum performance are generally built in the same factory where they were originally produced and meet exacting standards.

Such compressors are stripped down and precisely remanufactured, offer both precision and performance boosts, may be under warranty from the original manufacturer, and have official UL recognition.

The right distributor will work with your HVAC professional to find the best parts, both new and remanufactured, for your specific application. Common Hermetic Compressor Problems

Approximately 84% of U.S. homes have air conditioning. Constant use during the summertime can lead to problems with the refrigeration system. Proper testing and maintenance can help ensure HVAC motors operate efficiently, but it’s critical to understand common hermetic compressor problems first. No matter what brand of compressors you’re working with, here are a few common hermetic compressor problems to watch out for.

Shorted Windings

This issue occurs when the windings are touching one another. It’s typically the result of a breakdown in insulation on one or both of the windings. And once the copper winding components are touching, the compressor is pretty much done for. An Ohm reader will typically read zero in this instance. If you run tests with an Ohm meter first, a zero is a good indicator that there’s been some insulation degradation on the compressor’s windings. It’s also a pretty good sign that the compressor will need to be replaced entirely.

Open Windings

When a winding is open or broken, there are bound to be problems with any hermetic compressor. In this instance, an Ohm meter will read infinity instead of zero. This is also a sure sign that the compressor will need a replacement immediately.

Grounded Windings

Grounded windings are nearly identical to open windings, except in this instance a winding will be touching the compressor’s casing. This is another instance where an Ohm meter will read zero. However, in this instance, it’s possible to repair the compressor.

Frequent Cycling

Electrical problems can occur in just about every hermetic compressor on the market. Frequent cycling is the most notable symptom of an electrical problem with a compressor. If you’re on a call and your customer reports that their HVAC unit is frequently cycling on and off, you’ll know to check the electrical components of their hermetic compressor. If not diagnosed and corrected in a timely manner, it’s possible that this issue will lead to overheating.

High Condensing Temperatures

High condensing temperatures are typically indicative of an issue with a hermetic compressor. They’re often the result of low evaporating pressure, which can lead to high compressor discharge temperatures. Some of the most frequent causes of this problem include a dirty condenser, high temperature, overcharged refrigerant, or the wrong refrigerant.

Accurate diagnostics is necessary to reduce the need for a replacement compressor. By following the best practices for testing, you can accurately troubleshoot the exact cause of a hermetic compressor malfunction and make necessary repairs. Small changes can make a significant impact on operational efficiency.