Building A Roof For Those In Need

Florida – There are still good Samaritans such as Anita De Biase (78) of Thorn Ministries who are giving back to the needy. De Biase has dedicated her time and life to cooking meals for homeless people.

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A big-hearted woman who is motivated by her faith to give to those who have no home and food to eat. According to De Biase, her family was one of the families that were severely affected by World War II. The memory of the hunger caused by the raging war that took place in 1939 is still fresh in her mind. World War II left many Germans living in abject poverty, and De Biase’s family was one of them.

When you go around the building of the Riverview Charity center you will find a small kitchen where De Biase prepares meals for those who are less fortunate. She does this almost every day.

And De Biase doesn’t end there, once the meals are ready, she makes sure that the food is distributed to those who have nothing to eat. At least 150 people survive on her meals, but at times she feeds a lot more people. When the roof began leaking, De Biase was never demotivated to cook, instead, she reached out to several people who could help.

One of the do-gooders who responded to the call, Hedy Sacco started volunteering a few months after she was amazed by De Biase’s relentless spirit and generosity. The company Sacco works for, ABC Supply (the best roofer in town) donated material for the roof and went on to repair it. Fixing a roof does not come cheap, and most people pay a five-figure sum to repair it.

Thanks to ABC Supply, the roof was fixed for free.

As this video will attest, when people join hands in doing good, a lot can be done. Thanks to people like Anita De Biase and Hedy Sacco, today homeless people can have a place they call home. If they didn’t step in to assist, Riverview charity could have lost a lot, especially when it rains. The video is a stark reminder that everyone deserves to have the best roof, regardless of how old they are, what their economic status is, and where they come from. And that place would not be warm without a selfless matriarch figure such as Anita De Biase.

Though repairing the roof of a charity building isn’t all glamorous, it is a stark reminder that a majority of homeless people are neglected. That’s why do-gooders like Anita De Biase should be celebrated more on a daily basis.