The Function of an Air Compressor

If you are intrigued by air compressor parts then this video is for you. It’s about how the air compressor has an electric motor that pumps air into a holding tank that compresses it. The pressure switch works on a diaphragm principle, it is connected to the pressure from the tank.

Video Source

The video explains how when the pressure is up the diaphragm is pressed up. This action clicks the contacts and makes the electrical supply. The video talks about how the air compressor works basically like a car engine. It talks about how a plastic line comes over through the pressure switch. It explains how when the pump gets satisfied the pressure switch turns off and presses the pin which releases the pressure. Air is forced into a container and pressurizing. The compressed air when released can be used as energy. Imagine a scenario whereby you blow air into a balloon and then release it. That’s similar to the mechanism of the air compressor. The motor on an air compressor can convert electrical energy into kinetic energy for efficiency. Air compressors use a pressure switch to stop the motor when the tank pressure reaches a preset limit. Air compressors have gauges that monitor tank pressure.