Tresting Arctic Air Devices

In this video, you will learn about air coolers. Air conditioners are necessary for people who live in a home that might not have central AC. It can get brutally hot in some climates, and make it nearly impossible to function during the day or sleep at night.

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These products are essentially tiny air conditioners. It has no plug, it is battery-operated. They are so small and compact. You also get a USB cable that can charge it in the wall. However, it is really cool that it is portable. It has a filter inside to filter out dust or bad air. It has a pretty basic operating system. The bottom also has tiny plug. There is a little window on the side so you can see where to fill the water to. It cools an area and it shows you how far it will reach. It will tell you some other important information. This one tells you not to use it in a moving car. Pouring water in it helps its overall functionality of it. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.