Septic Tank Installation Explained

In many rural areas around the world, a homestead can be too far away to connect to a city sewage system. For such a case, a septic field installation is required. The Youtube channel, This Old House, will demonstrate in their video how a septic tank is installed and how it works.

Video Source

There are several components to a modern septic tank. Such crucial parts include the primary tank, the secondary tank, several pumps that move sewage from part to part, pretreatment units, a unit that uses bacteria to convert ammonia into nitrogen, and a sand filter. The right components and installation are required to prevent any harmful sewage run-off into local water supplies.

The sewage from the house will filter into the first tank of the septic system. This is where solids are trapped, and the rest of the water filters through a “baffled” wall into another tank. Every 20 minutes, the sewage water is pumped into a treatment pod. From there, any ammonia will be transformed into harmless nitrogen gas and released into the air. The last step is having any remaining water pass through the sand filter to prevent any environmental pollution.