Fire Inspection Guide

A fire inspector is required to do annual fire inspections mandated by the state. Things like hotels and schools must be inspected every year.

The inspection starts when they pull up to the building. They must make sure the addressing is visible in case of an emergency.

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Next, they must have a key lockbox that firefighters and paramedics can use to access a building.

Once the fire inspector is in the building, they do an internal inspection. If there are fire sprinklers in the building, they know the building is a sprinkler and must check a fire sprinkler riser that has an alarm system.

The fire inspector will go into every door and look at any offices and storage rooms. They will look at fire extinguishers and inspect them and test them. Next is a check of the side doors to make sure they function properly and that they self latch.

Lighting and emergency lighting are tested by the fire inspector as they are often damaged so they must be replaced. The exit doors are tested to make sure they function properly and the sprinkler risers are tested next.

Every building that is inspected must have a visible evacuation plan that is appropriate that will direct people in which way to go in case of an emergency.