How to Pump Out Septic Tanks

If you’re a homeowner with a septic tank, you may wonder how professionals pump out septic tanks. Septic system maintenance is an essential part of homeownership for anyone not connected to a city sewer system, so it’s a good idea to become familiar with the septic tank pumping process.

First, septic professionals need to find the opening for the septic tank.

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Modern septic tanks have manhole covers that are typically buried under dirt and grass. This allows homeowners to better enjoy their yards. Older septic tanks may not have manhole covers, but septic pumping professionals should be able to find their openings in any case.

Once the septic tank is open, the pumping truck needs to be moved as close to the opening as is feasible. Then, the technician will place a hose into the septic tank and start pumping out everything in the tank. Modern septic tanks have separate sections that allow them to maintain important waste treatment processes even after pumping. So, after the tank has been pumped out, the technicians can simply replace the manhole cover, recover it with grass, and leave.

For more information on how to pump out septic tanks, reach out to septic system professionals in your area.