How to Reverse the Positions of Your C5 Power Cords

If you need to switch the position of your c5 power cords, it is possible if you follow these simple steps. You can turn the cabinet’s door around to fit either a right- or left-handed opening.

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However, since the right-side hinges of the c5 power cords in the cabinet are usually installed during shipping, you may need to follow these tips to reverse the positions. The first step involves driving the hinge pin out of the hinge using a hammer and a drive pin while the door is closed.
After the pins are out, firmly hold the door and lift the latch lever to release it. Lock the door while ensuring you leave the gasket undamaged. Take the screws from the cabinet’s left side and place them aside. Remove the cabinet-mounted component to the left side of the cabinet, and reinstall it. Put the screws removed from the cabinet’s left side into the remaining holes on the cabinet’s right side.
Remove the two mounting screws, move the latch plate(s) from left to right, and secure all screws before moving on. Rotate the door 180 degrees, line up the hinge part on the door with the hinge part on the cabinet, and tap. To complete the process, ensure you remove the screws holding the latch in place.