100K Home Renovation Budget Your Guide

You’ve realized your home’s front patio could be more inviting, the kitchen and living room areas cozier. It turns out that now is the time to renovate your house within a budget. The HVAC system isn’t cooling your bedroom. The bathroom fixtures need fixing. But with a 100k home renovation budget, your future as a homeowner is bright.

For thousands of homeowners, renovations come with a heavy price. But with the best contractors, efficient planning, and attention to detail, you can get your renovation projects off smoothly. Trust that a 100k home renovation budget is plenty to get started. Here’s everything in your handy guide to renovating your home on a budget.

Research the Best Contractors

Contractors are workers who will fulfill an agreed-upon project request, follow the job’s requirements, and collect their payment upon completion. Whether you choose an electrical contractor or an interior designer, you’ll need contractors, quite a few. Keeping your 100k home renovation goals in mind, brainstorm a list of workers you’ll need to complete the job by your proposed deadline.

Start your project knowing you have skilled hands ready to help. Remember, the most effective contractors will be certified in their fields. Look for those with the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certificate or the HVAC Excellence certificate. Both certifications show a worker demonstrating proficiency and a wide range of skills. The former offers a worker’s ability to meet the hands-on demands of the job, while the latter proves a worker is capable of building an entire HVAC system.

With certifications in mind, research and find contractors. Start by conducting Google searches with relevant keywords. If you need an HVAC technician and a concrete contractor, you will look for keywords related to ventilation and cooling and pool designs or construction. With so many ways to find contractors, you don’t want to skip this step, as you’ll need help in the future. Make sure your 100k home renovation fund is ready when it’s time.

Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where you cook delicious meals, and it’s one of the most prominent rooms in your home. A modern-day well-designed kitchen will contain the most reliable and durable appliances, an updated sink and faucet installation, and a ceiling lighting arrangement that transforms your kitchen from ordinary to fascinating. Much of your 100k home renovation fund will require an investment in kitchen remodeling. Not to mention, there’s more to renovation than diving head-first into a project. Have you taken planning, hiring, and budgeting into account?

Whether your goal is to brighten up your space and add personality to your kitchen or do a complete overhaul and change the layout, your chosen contractors will take note of the measurements needed to ensure your kitchen remodel won’t end in measures.

Once you have your contractors, remember that planning is as essential as ensuring enough money in your 100k home renovation budget to cover the project. Envision your dream kitchen and ask yourself what’s missing. Are the cabinets in need of replacing? Would marble countertops look better? Wouldn’t you want your kitchen to look as enchanting as possible? Ideally, you get the chance to invite your pool cleaner inside for a meal.

Swap Out Your Old Flooring

Can you imagine entering your home and feeling like you’re in an entirely different environment? With your 100k home renovation goals in mind, decide whether it will be hardwood or carpet and how much thought you will put into weighing both advantages and disadvantages. Focus on the flooring to transform the feel and look of your home into something special.

Consider how much money you have available—congratulations, you still haven’t gone over your 100k home renovation budget! If you want to go with something expensive and luxurious, opt for the smooth, shiny, easy-to-clean hardwood installation. Your contractor will recommend you replace the hardwood once every 15 years at least, and if you prefer the refreshing look of a hardwood-designed floor, the cost is well worth factoring into your budget.
Even then, carpet may linger on your mind, as you prefer a softer feel when moving around the home. You must be wary of carpets because uncleanliness can lead to indoor air pollution and health problems. Ask yourself if your home is a bit stuffy; if so, now’s the time to adjust. If color is essential to you, then carpet replacement must be on your mind. But if you don’t want to deal with constant, repetitive maintenance, it’s time to change your 100k home renovation plans. Choose your flooring wisely because the renovation costs are so high.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are fun to renovate because you can genuinely turn these rooms into something special. From experimenting by adding new fixtures to changing the colors and design of your bathroom completely, the options are limitless. But before renovating the room you’ve dreamed about changing for years, it’s time to work out the plumbing problems. Make sure part of your 100k home renovation budget goes into hiring plumbers. Aren’t you glad you waited to remodel the bathroom last year?

Plumbers will look at various issues in your bathroom, from leaky faucets to poor water pressure and temperature, to nasty smells lurking from within your drains. Renovating your home without correcting plumbing issues is pointless; left unchecked, these mini-disasters could lead to severe damage, any of which could force you to dip into your 100k home renovation budget. Now’s not the time to address the plumbing. Then, you can turn your bathroom into a natural-filled atmosphere that awes your friends and family.

Remodel Your Front and Back Patios

What is the first thing you want your guests to see when they enter your home? Do the door decorations and seasonal display out front draw their attention? Or is it an elaborate garden filled with cultivated plants? Maybe the front patio catches their attention first, as this is where guests can relax with friends without even having to enter the home. Make sure your 100k home renovation project includes a front patio remodel. Chances are, the wooden deck’s not in a tip-top shape, and neither is the front door. This renovation project is something you can mostly do all by yourself.

Take time to consider your home’s curb appeal before starting. As a renovation project, your back patio might resemble a design similar to an outdoor living space. The front deck might not offer must beyond a comfortable seating arrangement and a pleasant view. Still, the back patio is where all the fun begins, as it’s cookout season whenever you’re ready after renovating. No matter where you are in terms of your 100k home renovation project, front and back decks remain an investment worth prioritizing.

When you’re finished with your 100k home renovation project, look closely at your home’s exterior. Do you notice how your chosen contractors took the time to implement accepted stump removal procedures? Did you see how a few minor changes to your front garden can enhance the appearance of your home’s front exterior? Ask yourself where you want to focus much of your money, and you’ll see the front and back patios take up a sizable portion of your budget. Once you’re relaxing outside with your friends, the renovations will be noticeable to everyone. Why not try this home renovation project and see how nice things look?

Bonus: tree trimming services are as available as other contractors you may need to hire and provide benefits worth considering. Think of your front and back patio renovation project as a task that will change how you view your home’s exterior, including the driveway, curbs, and surrounding areas.

Remodel Your Basement

Your basement probably doesn’t get much attention except when you notice a problem. Mold and mildew are two problems that make remodeling your basement a considerable priority. Whether you’re in the middle of spending most of your 100k home renovation budget or you still have enough after doing the kitchen and patio remodeling, your basement remodeling is about making sure everything closest to the ground continues to function efficiently.

There’s plenty in your basement worth protecting from your water heater to your air conditioning systems. Basement finishing companies will be thrilled to do as much work as possible, making your basement less cold in the winter. Chances are, if there’s a ventilation issue, you may need the help of a contractor on your team who knows a thing or two about HVAC equipment and repair. Your basement is sensitive to many common household problems, and if the temperature and mold weren’t bad enough, one problem remains—what will you do about bugs?

When remodeling your basement, you’ll want to ensure that the walls aren’t showing signs of moisture and that there’s no water pooling in spots on the floor. The added moisture in your basement does more than lead to mold. It attracts additional bacteria and insects that could take over your home. You might as well finish your renovation completely by making sure your basement is free of insects. Now that you know about the insect problem, add an exterminator to your contractors’ list.

Get an HVAC Inspection

Part of living comfortably in your home is establishing how much heat you will tolerate. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t work efficiently, you and your family will be at risk for severe heat exhaustion. Likewise, if your heating doesn’t work correctly, shuts off early, or doesn’t provide enough warmth, then your contractor will have to come in and do some serious repairs.

An air conditioning service might be able to transport an air conditioning unit to your home. But there’s still no way to ensure your HVAC system is functioning at its best without an inspection at least once a year. While completing your renovations, think of how much money you’re spending on heating and cooling costs a year. Way too much? A meager amount? Your HVAC system will share what’s working and what’s not.

Even then, if your air conditioning unit is damaged, ac repair will only do so much without routine maintenance. Consider saving money from your 100k home renovation project to focus on HVAC servicing, especially if you’re low on funds. The kind of work you need to do to repair an HVAC system requires the hands of a skilled technician and likely one who’s going to want some money. But wouldn’t you rather spend the winters feeling warm and the summers feeling cool? If so, add HVAC repair and installation services to your home renovation goals and details list.

Paint to Perfection

One of your final steps in home renovation is to add color to your walls. Skip the contract work and get creative with your decisions. If there’s anything you’re neglecting about painting, it’s the way you and your family will feel when seeing different colors. While an arrangement of black and white colors might bring the home to life and add a layer of class and sophistication, brighter, more radiant colors might feel cozier and essential. The point is to spend as much time focusing on getting your painting process as professional as possible.

Exterior painters know much more than you might think. These contractors might know more about how to clear the imperfections in a wall before painting and what kind of paints to use. Going to the painting side of renovation alone is ideal if you have the skill. But bringing in an exterior painter and additional relevant contractors will keep you inside your 100k home renovation budget.

Your home is unique, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the exterior. You’ve spent years waiting to renovate your home; you’re likely glad the opportunity came when you had the money. Renovating your home requires substantial attention to detail, not to mention patience. But as long as you bring along the best contractors for the job, your home renovation project is sure to start.