Comparing and Contrasting Aluminum and Iron Fences

Fences are great for increasing privacy and security. That said, before rushing out to buy a fence, homeowners should first consider their options. There are many different types of fences including iron and aluminum fences. Each fence design and building material offers its own advantages and drawbacks.

Aluminum and steel fences often look similar. The designs are roughly the same and in terms of aesthetics, they’re pretty much equal.

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Yet in application, both materials are quite different. For example, aluminum doesn’t rust. Even as the years pass, an aluminum fence will shrug off salt and exposure to the elements. Iron fences, on the other hand, are prone to rust. That said, fence experts can apply protective coatings.

When it comes to strength, on the other hand, iron is the clear winner. If a storm rolls through and large branches fall on the fence, there’s a good chance that an iron fence will survive with minimal damage. Meanwhile, an aluminum fence could bend or break, resulting in expensive repair and replacement bills.

Which type of fence is the right choice? It’s wise for homeowners to talk with a fence company.