What Can You Expect During a Roofing Installation?

Are you getting a new roof installed or looking to get one soon? There are several things you may want to be aware of before you hire professional roofers for your roof installation. In addition to being informed for your own peace of mind, you’ll also be able to determine how well of a job you’ve received based on these components.

Before the roof installation even begins, experienced professional roofers will typically cover different areas and items around your home’s exterior. This is to make sure that they’re protected from any discarded nails, shingles, or similar items that may make their way off the roof during the project.

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The roof service process from there on will depend on your specific roof’s type and condition. Key areas to be inspected, removed, or repaired during the installation include the chimney, shingles, step flashing, and ventilation. Materials will also be disposed of during the installation. Airflow and water distribution are two additional factors that’ll be considered during the installation.

Depending on which roofing company you go with, this process may look a little different or it may include additional considerations. Watch the video above to learn more about what the roof installation process can entail.