10 Overlooked Home Maintenance Services

Being a homeowner is a big accomplishment and investment that should be well stewarded. Some of the things that can deteriorate your home are the small maintenance tasks that tend to be overlooked, possibly because of your busy schedule. Unless you are a professional, you need to engage expert services occasionally to ensure the systems in your home run efficiently, prevent problems from escalating, save energy, and reduce overall costs in the long run. Here are ten overlooked home maintenance services you should consider.

1. Air Conditioning

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your heating and cooling system, it’s time to act. You don’t want to suffer a summer without air conditioning. If you notice a musty smell in your house, your HVAC system is likely harboring mold and mildew. If you hear noises when running your system or see a spike in your utility bill, your system likely needs repairs and adjustments. If your home isn’t maintaining the temperature your thermostat is set at, something is likely blocking your vents.

Regular maintenance checks of the HVAC system are an often overlooked home maintenance task, but they can help prevent most of these problems. Ensure your HVAC maintenance is done by professional HVAC services at least twice annually. An expert will test safety controls, monitor refrigerant pressure, inspect connections and motor operations, and assess thermostat functionality. Your local HVAC company will also thoroughly clean the coils, elements, and drains and lubricate all the moving parts. This will significantly reduce your energy cost while at the same time keeping your home cool and comfortable.

2. Water Heater Services

Water heater services are one of the most overlooked home maintenance services, but it shouldn’t be. As water flows into your water heater, it also brings with it small particles of sediment that start accumulating in your tank. Over time, this will cause its water heating capabilities to deteriorate, and your system could fail prematurely. Scheduling a regular water heater service will ensure your system is always in optimal working condition by preventing such issues.

When you work with professionals, they’ll address all repair needs in their early stages before necessitating a replacement too early. Early replacement needs can be quite expensive. A water heater typically lasts for ten years, but regular maintenance from a professional water heater service can give you 15 years of use. Routine maintenance will also improve the energy efficiency of your system.

3. Plumbing Service

A plumbing service is an often overlooked home maintenance service, but it’s perhaps one of the most important. A steady supply of water is key to ensuring the overall functionality of a home. Regular maintenance from professional plumbing services is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Working with a professional plumbing service gives you access to expert guidance and advice. You may have basic knowledge of your plumbing system, but it can’t compare to the expertise of experienced and skilled plumbers. Don’t waste time attempting to remedy problems that you don’t know how to fix. Plumbing technicians are uniquely trained to address all issues with your plumbing system. One of the greatest traits of a homeowner is knowing when to leave the job to the professionals.

Working with professionals also keeps you safe. You may think that all you need is a drain cleaner to unclog your drain, but these chemicals actually pose a serious health hazard. When plumbing issues are handled incorrectly, they can also lead to issues such as water damage, biohazard exposure, lead, and sulfur dioxide exposure, among other hazards.

Professional plumbing services also have all the tools needed to address plumbing issues in the home effectively and safely. Some of this equipment includes drain cleaning machines and high-quality video cameras for drain inspections. Hiring a professional means you get access to some of these tools.

4. Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter cleaning services are also among the often overlooked home maintenance services by homeowners. Over time, leaves and dirt tend to accumulate in gutters, which can bring about a plethora of issues. The best way to ensure your gutters are working as they should is by having them cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning service routinely. There are other benefits to working with a professional gutter cleaner.

Attempting to clean your gutters on your own can be quite dangerous as it involves working at heights. Professionals know what precautions to take when cleaning gutters, which is especially important if you have a multi-level home. Professionals also have all the equipment needed to maintain your home’s gutter system. They’re also trained to identify potential issues and address them before they become they develop into bigger problems

Once your gutters are clean and the water is flowing, ensure that it also flows away from your house foundation. Concrete likes to absorb water, and if you have a basement or a cross base, there is a good chance that if your water is running toward your house, it will slowly sip through the concrete and get in that area. This will potentially start to mold or just destroy whatever else is down there. Call in gutter services, especially just before the rainy season, to protect your house from water damage.

5. Pest Control Services

When the weather is nice, it’s a good time to sit and enjoy the outside. But if you happen to see a lot of swamps of yellow jackets or hornets going into the siding or the rafters of your house, there’s a very good chance there are nests buried deep inside your house. In these cases, you need to contact a pest control company to take care of that. Also, look out for carpenter bees because they could easily destroy a wood project.

Evidence of termites in your home can be spotted if you see a thin mud trail going up from the side of the foundation of your house. This is a mud tube they create to travel through while keeping it moist. A professional can help detect termites, even without the mud trail, by looking out for their droppings which are often very small and can be missed by an amateur eye. It’s, therefore, important to engage one since termites can quickly destroy your home. Find out what pests are common in your area, the damage they can cause in your home, and the steps you need to take every year to save yourself from a big repair bill.

6. Kitchen Cleaning Services

From the kitchen countertop to the cabinets, the kitchen gets dirty faster than all other rooms in the home, and kitchen cleaning services are one of the most overlooked home maintenance services by homeowners. This service is especially important for large families who eat home-cooked meals regularly. A kitchen cleaning service typically involves cupboard and knob cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, table and chair cleaning, countertop cleaning, microwave cleaning, stove drip pan, control knob and burner gate cleaning, appliance surface cleaning, and dusting.

Throughout the process, they’ll handle breakable items with care. These professionals will even empty your trash cans and straighten your chairs. They can also let you know if you need repairs, such as cabinet services or plumbing services. A professional kitchen cleaning service will professionally clean your kitchen and leave it smelling fresh.

7. Solar Service

If you live in a location with fair weather for most of the year, you’re not limited to electricity as your main source of power or energy since you can install a solar system. This can be on your rooftop or a portable one that you place on the ground, and you can keep moving it as the sun moves. You should only buy a solar system from a reputable company since they will offer solar service and maintenance for you.

In case of a problem, you don’t want to attempt climbing up on your rooftop to try and fix anything on the solar system. In the engineering and designing of a solar system, they calculate the weather patterns for the location it will be installed. The manufacturers account for snow, pollen, and dust on the panels, and therefore, you need not touch them. The rain will wash all of that out without requiring your intervention. High voltage and electricity are running in that system, and only the experts should handle it.

8. Roofing Services

While the roof is one of the most important components of a home, roofing services are one of the most overlooked home maintenance services. While it may not seem like it, hiring a professional roofing service for maintenance is quite economical. This can be attributed to the fact that they can get roofing supplies at a lower price as they typically buy in bulk.

They also have all the tools needed to address all roofing needs, which you would otherwise have to buy. Professionals also know the best quality materials for each type of roof and where to source them at wholesale prices. This will go a long way in ensuring maintenance and repair work lasts for a long time

Professional roofers also have years of experience working on different types of roofs and projects, so you can be sure they’ll deliver quality service free from errors. Their primary objective is to guarantee that your roof will be secure and free of damage for a very long time after they have completed their work, and they’ll do this using the right techniques and materials.

Accidents involving roof repairs happen often. For this reason, reputable roof repair companies invest in safety equipment to protect their roofers. Instead of investing in expensive specialized safety gear to repair the roof yourself, hiring professional roofers is recommended.

9. Electrician Services

Electricity plays a key role in the functionality of a home. However, it’s one of the most overlooked home maintenance services by homeowners. When it comes to your home’s electricity needs, never attempt to complete maintenance or repairs on your own. Even if you shut off the main electrical circuit, you’ll still be at risk of an accident, especially if you don’t have the right tools or electric gear.

The only electrical job you should do in your home is to change a light bulb. For other maintenance and repair needs, contact a professional electrical service to assess your electrical system and address any problem it may have. They’ll provide practical solutions that will ensure longevity and optimal functionality. You should ideally contact a qualified electrician if you need to add in outlets, change a switch, install smart home features, or change outdoor lighting. Working with a professional will provide added accountability, which will protect you and your finances.

10. Lawn And Garden Care

If your home has a yard, investing in a lawn and garden care service is a smart move. These professionals will help you with lawn and yard maintenance, keeping your property looking fresh and new. Lawn maintenance will not improve your home’s curb appeal but also eliminate nesting spots for pests and rodents, which can be damaging if they make their way into your home.

While it’s true that taking care of your lawn and garden is therapeutic, it’s quite time-consuming. Considering your busy schedule, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure your lawn receives the attention it needs. They’ll ensure that every aspect of your garden is in tip-top shape. If you have a yard, don’t let lawn and garden care services be among the overlooked home maintenance services in your home.

Ensuring that your home is well maintained and serviced will keep your home safe and running optimally and keep your overall home maintenance and repair costs down. Be sure to use these overlooked home maintenance services to get the most out of the useful life of your home. If you want to find some more maintenance service ideas and things you should be looking out for, read through your inspection reports in detail. They contain so much valuable information way beyond things that need immediate attention in your home.