Heres Whats Involved When Moving

The YouTube video “The Movers – Large home pack-move-unpack” offers a glimpse into what it takes to move the contents of a large house in Vancouver, Canada. Moving houses is time-consuming, so many homeowners have the moving company pack and unpack their belongings. This is an added service and doesn’t come standard with moving costs. The process starts with a quotation.

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The Steps to Moving Home

A homeowner decides to downgrade, upgrade, or move for personal or work-related reasons. The initial question is whether to do it yourself or get a professional moving company to move your belongings. If you live in a small apartment, you may benefit from moving services alone. However, requesting a packing and unpacking service for bigger properties may be best. The client calls the moving company, who then draws up a quotation for the service.

If the client agrees to the fees, they request a date and time for the removal company to pack and move their belongings. The moving company sends over a team of packers and movers who carefully pack the items, taking extra precautions with delicate items. The moving company also offers moving boxes and other equipment at an additional price.

The items are moved to the new location, where the packers will unpack the homeowner’s belongings according to their instructions. The process is much more streamlined when the moving company is requested to pack and unpack for the client.